Don’t miss out on life with missing teeth – Elite Dental Care Tracy


14 September 2020

Don’t miss out on life with missing teeth – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Teeth are little wonders inside our mouth that rule the health of the whole body.
The biggest secret behind a beautiful and attractive smile is healthy, white, and shining teeth.
We know a famous quote that says, “The first impression is the everlasting impression,” which means that when somebody looks at you, their attention spots your smile at first and then forms an impression about you.
However, if you have missing teeth, it will affect the confidence in you to smile in the crowds and socialize with your friends and relatives.

Facts about teeth:
An adult has 32 healthy teeth, mostly by the age of 13.
Out of 32 teeth – four canines, eight incisors, twelve molars, and eight premolars.
Teeth support each other to form a structure and give a proper shape to the face.
They support us to speak, chew the food, and smile.
If one tooth is lost and not taken care of, it deteriorates the health of surrounding teeth, and they might fall off eventually.
Dentists advise not to ignore or neglect the missing tooth/teeth and loose your pearly smile!!

Why do we lose teeth?
There are several preventable reasons like tooth decay or gum diseases for losing teeth, which can occur due to our routine habits.
A few instances may be due to accident, trauma, a blow in the face, or natural tooth fall due to aging.
We can overcome all these reasons for losing teeth with proper oral care, regular dental check-ups, and a strict diet.

Do you have a missing tooth? Don’t worry anymore!! You don’t have to face embarrassment or miss the fun in life!!
We have multiple treatments for missing teeth gifted by the technology to dentistry department.

Revitalize your appearance 
Treatment for missing tooth:
At Elite Dental Care, Tracy, our team, has a determined commitment to restore your missing tooth, the lost confidence, beautiful smile, and quality of your life.
We are proficient in cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry and provide these treatments for missing teeth.

  1. Dental Implants
  2. Dentures
  3. Bridges


  1. Dental Implants: 

Dental implants are the cylindrical-shaped screws made up of various materials and used to implant in the jawbone to support the crown, bridges, or dentures.
Dentists insert the dental implants to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth in a person.
The success rate is 95%, and the life of implants is 20 yrs in the case of proper care and regular dental check-ups.
They substitute and function similarly to natural teeth and bring back the shape of your face and the beautiful smile on your lips.
As per research, approximately 500,000 people receive dental implants.

  1. Dentures:

Dentures are the prosthetic devices build to replace the artificial teeth.
The surrounding soft and hard tissues support the dentures when placed in the mouth.
Your dentist will design the denture as per your mouth shape, and they rely on the bonding or clasping onto the teeth or dental implants.

There are two types of dentures to replace the missing teeth.

  1. Mandibular arch – The first branchial arch in the vertebrate embryo due to which humans develop lower lip, anterior part of tongue, masticatory muscles, and the mandible.
  2. Maxillary arch – The superior teeth formed by the maxilla of the teeth at the roof the mouth.

missing teeth

After implanting the dentures, proper care is essential to maintain oral hygiene.
Patients should wash them with a soft nylon brush, soap, water.
Liquid cleansers like bleaches, sodium hypochlorite, acid cleaners, etc., If the cleansing is not proper, the health of the dentures near the soft lines deteriorates and eventually reduces its life.

  1. Bridges:

Dental bridges build gaps in the teeth. They are the tooth-coloured artificial teeth called pontic, which are held tight by the abutment of the adjacent teeth on either side.
The bridges are available in several materials like gold, porcelain, etc.
Due to the natural colour of the artificial teeth, they blend well with the natural teeth and satisfy the aesthetic demands of the individuals.
It restores the shape of the face, ability to chew, enhances the speech, and pronunciation.
Readjusts your bite and holds the neighbouring teeth in their position.
Dental bridges should be replaced every 5 to 15 years and handled delicately with proper care and oral discipline.

Researchers say that dental implants are the best out of the three.
The life of dental implants is more, and they stay strong under the gums.

The above treatments fill the gaps of the missing teeth and give a natural look and feel even with the artificial teeth.
The function is similar to natural teeth.
For those people who are missing their teeth, these three treatments give them a new life and a reason to smile wide!!
If the place in the missing teeth is left empty for a longer time, the jawbone loses its capacity to hold the implants.
If the jawbone is insufficient to graft the implants, you will have to undergo few procedures to add strength to the bone and then graft the implants.
Therefore, dentists suggest that patients should treat their missing tooth/teeth immediately, or the jawbone loses its strength as the body re-absorbs the jawbone.