Steps to Follow If You Break Your Front Tooth
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25 December 2021

Steps to Follow If You Break Your Front Tooth

Broken front tooth is one of the most traumatic dental injuries. A broken front tooth makes it difficult to eat and speak, not to mention the shame of losing such an important component of your smile. 

The period following the break or loss of a front tooth necessitates prompt decisions based on sound knowledge. There are many misconceptions regarding what to do and what not to do, as there are with many medical concerns. 

Breaking a tooth may be a frightening and anxiety-inducing experience. It can also be excruciatingly uncomfortable. 

However, there is positive thing: if your front tooth has broken in half, there are choices for front teeth restoration. 

When a tooth is chipped, broken, or cracked, most individuals are unclear what to do or how serious the damage is. “Can a broken front tooth be fixed?” they often question. 

We’ll add our honest opinion to the conversation regarding damaged front tooth and how to repair them in this blog. 


What’s the condition of your front tooth that’s broken? 


This info is for dental injuries that arise as a result of a trauma rather than tooth rot. A broken front tooth may appear to be easy, but there are various types of traumas that can occur. Each has its own set of signs and symptoms, as well as a treatment plan: 


Tooth concussion 


A weak tooth as a result of a hit to the mouth is known as a tooth concussion. Bleeding and mild to moderate discomfort are common symptoms. 

If your tooth is still functional but a touch loose, consider yourself fortunate because you avoided the worst. That may be true, but it does not imply that you can relax. Based on the force of the strike, the tooth may have been forced into your jaw or the root may have been damaged, neither of which is apparent to you. As a result, it’s critical to get immediate dental treatment as quickly as possible following a concussion. 


Broken Tooth

A broken tooth is one in which a significant portion of the tooth is broken off, showing the root and tissue. 

A variety of white, black, and crimson regions will appear. You will most likely be in moderate to severe pain if you have a broken tooth, and you will want to visit a dentist as quickly as possible. Broken tooth, if remains untreated, can cause excruciating pain, infection, swelling, and even a medical issue. 

Here are some key points to keep in mind if you break or crack your front tooth. 


  • Rinse your mouth with water right away.  
  • Put pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding, and seek medical assistance if the bleeding is severe. 
  • Attempt to keep the tooth in milk, salt water, or water if it falls out fully. 
  • To relieve pain and inflammation, apply a cold compress. 
  • To reduce pain and swelling, use an over-the-counter pain medication. 
  • For treatment, see a dentist as early as possible. 


Treatment options for Broken Tooth 


Given the seriousness of the damage, a dentist can repair a broken tooth in a variety of methods. Here are some of the alternatives your dentist could think about: 


  • Dental Crown– When a significant portion of a tooth breaks off, there may not be enough tooth structure remained to replace with a dental filling. A dental crown will be applied to cover the tooth in these circumstances to secure the delicate nerves below. 


  • Dental Filling– A dental filling is usually sufficient to heal the damage if only a little bit of your tooth has broken off. A composite cement is used to fill the hole, which hardens and preserves the tooth. 


  • Dental Implants– Dental implants are increasingly becoming the primary way of replacing a broken tooth since they appear, feel, and function similarly to real teeth. A dental implant is an effective form of treatment if your tooth has totally fallen out or needs to be pulled. Consult your dentist about the dangers of dental implants and if your insurance will pay the cost of the procedure. 


  • Dental Bridge – A dental bridge is another alternative for people who need to have a tooth pulled because of injury. It entails anchoring a fake tooth or teeth to two abutment teeth to fill in the gap left by the lost tooth or teeth. 


  • Root Canal – When a tooth is broken, the dental tissue can get infected. Your dentist will conduct a root canal to remove the infection prior fitting a dental crown on the tooth if this occurs. 


  • Dental Veneer – A porcelain veneer is a wonderful alternative for restoring your smile if the fractured tooth is in front of the mouth or another highly noticeable place. 


Treatments vary depending on the circumstances, and your dentist will explain the best alternatives for you. If your braces break while you are getting orthodontic treatment, you will need to see your orthodontist in addition to your tooth. 

Remember that seeing your dentist as early as possible after breaking or chipping your teeth is the greatest thing you can do. Don’t assume everything is alright until you’ve had your teeth examined by a dentist. 


With the help of a temporary tooth repair kit, you can keep your teeth in good shape. 

While waiting to visit a dentist, temporary broken tooth repair kits are sold at pharmacies and online. 

Dental wax will be included in some kits to conceal jagged edges, whereas others include material that may be molded into the form of a tooth to fill holes caused by missing or broken tooth. 

These kits are only intended for short-term usage and do not treat the underlying conditions that might cause infection, tooth loss, or other problems. They should never be used in place of adequate dental care. 

Dentists are well-trained and well-equipped to repair a broken front tooth. They’ll talk to you and come up with the finest treatment strategy for you. 

Make an appointment with your dentist and let them assist you in determining what to do if your front tooth is broken.