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24 October 2021


Technology has advanced tenfold in the recent digital era, and every industry is leveraging the latest technological innovations to produce optimum output. The healthcare industry and dental care are not exceptions as dentistry has evolved with painless dental treatments using modern-day technology. One such disruptive technology used in the field of dentistry is lasers. Lasers enable painless dental surgeries that ensure quicker healing time. However, people refrain from adopting laser dentistry procedures owing to certain misconceptions. Here we debunk the common laser dentistry myths. 


Myth1: Laser Dentistry is painful 

After seeing the use of lasers in sci-fi movies, people fear their use to cure their dental ailments. They feel that laser-based treatment would incur much pain. 


Fact: Lasers used in various industries differ in their characteristics. For example, in the field of dentistry, lasers that are not harmful are used. When you compare the dental procedures using drill-based dentistry, laser-based procedures incur negligible pain, and excessive bleeding during the surgery gets avoided. 


Myth2: Lasers are Not Safe 

Again, influenced by sci-fi movies, you might have a misconception that lasers are harmful.  


Fact: Lasers are highly focused, treating only the infected portion of the tooth rather than disturbing the adjacent teeth and gums. It preserves the tissues and activates bone-building, hence lasers are preferred for the treatment of gum diseases.  


Myth3: Radiation Exposure 

Another myth doing rounds among the people is exposure to laser radiations will damage their skin and teeth. 


Fact: Lasers used in dentistry are so chosen that do not have any negative effect on the human body, and the exposure is quite safe. These lasers only use amplified light rather than ionizing radiations. Moreover, lasers sterilize the infected area, minimizing the risk for re-infection or a new bacterial infection. 


Myth4: Slow Process 

Initially, when the lasers got introduced in dentistry, the treatment procedures were slow and required more time than the drill-based conventional dental procedures.  


Fact: Over time, as dental practitioners got accustomed to the laser technology and the laser-based treatments have been advanced, the treatment procedure has become quick. The lasers used today have newer wavelengths that are highly efficient. Also, the recovery period gets shortened, and you can get assured of a quicker recovery post-laser-based dental procedure. 


Myth5: Laser-Based Treatment is Expensive 

It has always been a misconception among people that newer technologies incur more expenses, and hence laser-based treatments are highly expensive and non-affordable. 


Fact: Laser-based treatments quicken the procedure, reducing the number of dental visits. Also, the risks for re-infection get eliminated, and overall, laser procedures are affordable.  

Lasers are proactively being used in most dental treatments, and dental surgeries making dentistry easier and more painless. People with dentophobia who fear visiting a dentist can also be relaxed about the laser-based treatments as the horridly looking drills, and other conventional equipments have not been used that trigger their fear. Visit our clinic, The Elite Dental Care, the best dental clinic in Tracy, California for laser-based painless dental procedures that enhance your oral health.