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5 Things you need to know about braces

Getting braces can be an overwhelming decision to make. It is one of the most common treatments taken to fix misaligned teeth. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about this treatment and many people get anxious about getting braces. This blog talks about 5 things one needs to know about braces.    What are 5 Things you need to know about braces

Types of Dental Implants

After opting to replace the lost teeth, there are several different kinds of dental implants to choose from. Every dental implant patient has unique demands, and the dental implants that are performed are primarily determined by those needs.  To choose which kind of dental implant is best for you, you must first understand the many Types of Dental Implants

Oral Hygiene Routine Tips

Do you believe you’re on a good track with your regular oral hygiene routine? Oral hygiene is essential for maintaining the health of one’s teeth and gums. It requires activities such as brushing two times a day and having frequent dental checkups. Oral health, on the other hand, includes more than simply tooth decay and Oral Hygiene Routine Tips


Do you breathe via nose? Or do you breathe through your mouth? Have a check on your respiratory habits. The nose and mouth are the two passages for the airflow to the lungs. The nostrils in the nose filter out the air you breathe and inhales oxygen for the body to survive and exhale carbon HOW TO STOP MOUTH BREATHING?


Dental infections like cavities, tooth decay and ageing lead to either falling or extraction of the tooth. When a tooth gets extracted, it creates a gap, and the neighboring teeth start to shift. Also, the jawbone at the site of the lost tooth loses bone stimulation and becomes weak. Thus, it is necessary to fill up the gap DENTAL IMPLANTS FOR DIABETICS


Do you love sugary foods like chocolates, sweets, candies, etc.? Did you know harmful bacteria in your mouth love these sugary foods, too? Lack of good oral care and unhealthy dental practices results in these bacteria colonizing and releasing harmful acids that break the enamel, forming dental cavities. Cavities pave the way for bacteria to reach the 5 TIPS TO SPEED UP ROOT CANAL RECOVERY