5 Things you need to know about braces
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25 November 2022

5 Things you need to know about braces

Getting braces can be an overwhelming decision to make. It is one of the most common treatments taken to fix misaligned teeth. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about this treatment and many people get anxious about getting braces. This blog talks about 5 things one needs to know about braces. 


What are braces? 


Braces are dental fixtures prescribed by an orthodontist to fix crooked teeth. It is a treatment given to people of all age groups. Though it is mainly done for teenagers, many adults also choose braces to fix their smile. Hence it is the most common dental procedure right now. 


The traditional braces do not look appealing and cause many issues. This creates a lot of confusion and hence people hesitate to get braces on. So, here are a few things one needs to know about braces to clearly understand what he or she is signing up for.  


5 Things to know about braces 


  1. The application of braces is painful:  This treatment of placing braces onto the teeth can be slightly painful but totally worth having it. It is one of the most efficient treatments to fix crooked teeth. This can feel uncomfortable for a few days but the pain will subside eventually. 
  2. Flossing can be a challenge: Though flossing is one of the most important steps in your dental care routine, with braces on, flossing can get slightly tough and challenging. Though floss threads are available in the market, most dentists recommend water flossing as it is efficient, especially when one has braces. 
  3. People of all age groups get braces: Braces are mostly seen in teenagers, but of late many adults also get braces to fix their smile and have a desired one. Thus all adults also can choose to go for braces if the need arises.
  4. Food particles get stuck in the braces: The food particles get stuck in the braces and their removal can get tough. If you are an adult with braces at the workplace, carrying a cleaning kit is advisable to avoid unpleasant experiences. 
  5. A minor lisp is normal: The braces may cause a minor lisp in your speech. If anything it is the first step in fixing your crooked teeth and having the desired smile. This lisp is normal and the hardware affixed to the teeth causes it. If this is a concern one can always choose Invisalign braces.  


Apart from these five, there are other aspects of braces that you need to be aware of before choosing to get them. They take a lot of time to correct the misaligned teeth; they sometimes even take years to fix them. Invisalign braces are a great substitute for these braces and do not come with the disadvantages that traditional braces do.