Basics of Tooth Brushing in 5 points

A proper dental care routine is the most important step in having healthy oral health. And the basic step is brushing your teeth daily. Since this step is so basic, it is largely neglected and the technique is not given enough importance. This blog post talks about the basics of tooth brushing in 5 points.  Basics of Tooth Brushing in 5 points

Signs of Enamel Erosion

Enamel erosion is the root cause of many dental issues. Dental infections and diseases are advanced stages of dental problems which have enamel erosion as their initial symptoms. Thus enamel erosion and its symptoms should not be neglected.    What is Enamel Erosion?    Enamel is the protective coating on the teeth. It is the Signs of Enamel Erosion

2-minute Brushing Routine and Its Benefits

Brushing habits vary by everyone, but doctors advise brushing two times daily for at least two minutes each time. Along with brushing regularly, the method you clean your teeth, the brush you use, and other things should all be taken into account.  Oral health is an important aspect of overall well-being. Brushing your teeth on 2-minute Brushing Routine and Its Benefits