21 November 2020


Are you afraid of getting your teeth treated for their defects?

Are you afraid of the root canal treatment process?

It’s obvious for people to remain suspicious whether root canal is painful or whether the teeth will be back to normal.

Owing to these fears or suspicions, people do not visit a dentist even after experiencing the root canal symptoms such as tooth sensitivity, swelling of the gums.

But do not worry folks! Gone are the days when the root canal procedure used to be a painful and lengthy one. The treatment these days has become quicker and convenient. You can get your teeth treated by root canal filling within two to three visits and with comparatively lesser pain. However, the number of visits may vary depending on the condition of your affected tooth. Nevertheless, the treatment is nothing to fear about these days.

It causes a little pain for a few days, and then your teeth are back to normal. It’s not only enough to be careful during the root canal surgery, but proper care is necessary post-treatment too. An efficient recovery procedure must be followed, after the root canal for teeth is done. If you are pondering over what should be the recovery procedure, hold on! We have got your back.

You can follow these steps for an efficient recovery post the root canal treatment.

  1. Take Proper Medications

The endodontist or the root canal specialist numbs the part of your mouth that has to be treated by the application of local anesthesia while carrying out the root canal procedure. Hence you do not feel much pain while the treatment is done. But post the treatment when the recovery period begins, and the effect of the local anesthesia gets worn out, you may start feeling the pain. To counter this pain, the dentist prescribes a few pain killer medicines. Consume the prescribed pills to feel comfortable and avoid serious consequences. The soreness reduces gradually and will be gone after a few days.

  1. Change Your Food Habits

The tooth remains tender post the treatment, and hence you have to plan your food accordingly. Do not consume hard foods which require a lot of chewing. These foods may also lead to an injury to the treated portion, and hence it is better to avoid them for a few days. You can consume foods that are easy to chew, and it is better to have liquids like soups and juices. It is believed that the intake of cold stuff can be soothing, and hence people prefer having ice creams post root canal surgery.

  1. Practice Yoga and Meditation

The swelling, soreness, and tastelessness of the mouth owing to the usage of the cleaning liquid for the root canal treatment may lead to an irritated and disturbed mindset. To overcome this, you can practice meditation. It will help relieve the pain and have peace of mind.

The hectic workouts are not so possible at such times, but to remain healthy and fit, you can practice yoga. Yoga will make you feel relaxed and calm.

  1. Maintain Proper Oral Heath

Do not be as liberal as you have been in the past. Brush your teeth twice a day, floss them, and use an antiseptic mouthwash to maintain good dental health. Do not brush the treated tooth harshly immediately after the root canal treatment. Follow appropriate brushing procedure, amount of toothpaste to use, and the timing as to how long you must brush the teeth.

  1. Visit the Dentist

If the swelling persists even after days or if the pain killers are not effective, visit the dentist at the earliest to avoid adverse consequences. Any type of prolonged irritation must be addressed immediately by the root canal dentist. Leaving them unattended can lead to pain and some major problems.

Apart from the emergency, visit the dentist as per the schedule for a regular check-up of the treated teeth.

  1. Additional Care

You might feel a swelling in the mouth due to the treatment, but that is temporary. You can use an ice pack to alleviate any pain or swelling. While sleeping make sure you use pillows and your head is at an elevation so that you don’t encounter any irritation. Do not smoke until your tooth gets recovered completely.

Though the root canal recovery time is comparatively less these days than in the past, yet sufficient care needs to be addressed, to avoid any adverse consequences.

Even after the root canal recovery, pay proper attention to your dental health and avoid increased intake of sugary foods and juices. Be very careful about your teeth, both the treated ones and the others.

Visit our Elite Dental Care clinic for an efficient and painless root canal treatment. We have sworn in to preserve your elegant smiles eliminating all the flaws. Treat your teeth as an asset for once lost you can only repent and repair but not recover.