4 May 2021


Your smile can set a good first impression in people’s minds. Though you wish to impress people with your cheerful smile, sometimes you refrain, owing to minor tooth imperfections. Imagine if your teeth are yellowish or discolored, you will try to conceal them and refrain from smiling in public as people will notice the discolored teeth. Even the minor imperfections in the tooth get highlighted, impacting your overall appearance. This diminishes your self-confidence too. However, such minor dental imperfections should not stop you from enjoying your life and living life with confidence. You can get dental veneers placed in your teeth to conceal minor dental defects and enhance your smile.

A dental veneer is a prosthetic device that sits on a tooth to camouflage dental imperfections. Dental veneers are thin, tooth-colored, custom-made coverings that adhere to the front surface of the teeth and improve the overall appearance of your smile. You can either get one veneer to correct a minor dental defect in one of your tooth. But few people also go for a set of six to eight to form a symmetrical line while smiling. These veneers are usually used for the front surface of the teeth and render a classically shaped look of the teeth. Along with enhancing the aesthetics of teeth, veneers also safeguard teeth from major defects.

The prime objective of placing dental veneers is to improve the overall appearance of your smile. They blend well with your remaining natural teeth and do not look odd. You can go for dental veneers for one of the following dental defects.

1. Stained Teeth
Teeth are covered by the hard white-colored layer known as enamel. Consumption of tobacco products and smoking are the major causes for staining of teeth. They discolor the teeth permanently that whitening of teeth becomes impossible. Stains are caused by caffeine products, colas and acidic drinks. Improper oral hygiene like skipping dental flossing, rinsing the mouth with mouthwash can make the acidic, and sugary foods stick on the teeth and discolor the enamel. Bleaching and professional teeth whitening procedures can whiten the teeth, but permanently stained or discolored teeth don’t show better results even after the procedures. Hence veneers made of porcelain adhere to the teeth that give the appearance of natural teeth.

2. Chipped Teeth & Fractured Teeth
Sometimes when you meet with an accident or fall off, a portion of your tooth may be chipped or fractured. And mostly, it is the front teeth that get impacted due to accidents. A partly broken tooth spoils the overall appearance of your smile.
People also have the habit of biting nails or other hard substances when under stress or just for time pass. These habits chip the teeth, breaking the enamel and making the tooth rough and uneven. When the outer protective enamel gets impacted, the tooth becomes prone to cavities and infections. Also, chipped teeth induce pain while biting on food, and it also hurts the tongue. However, these chipped teeth can be corrected using dental veneers.
A portion of the chipped tooth is first trimmed, and the tooth is smoothed to place the veneer. The dentist then makes an impression of your tooth to send it to the laboratory where the veneer is manufactured. Later the dental veneer is placed on the chipped tooth that blends well with the adjacent natural teeth.

3. Enamel Erosion
When you consume sugary foods, the bacteria in the mouth feed on these sugars and convert them into acids. These acids react with the enamel and wear it away. This phenomenon is known as enamel erosion where the enamel of the tooth is worn out. When the enamel gets impacted, it exposes the inner tissues, causing cavities, tooth sensitivity and decayed tooth.
To curb enamel erosion, and conceal the inner sensitive tissues of the teeth concealed from the harmful acids and bacteria, custom made dental veneers are placed on the tooth. Thus the inner tissues are not affected, and the tooth remains safe.

4. Gaps between the Teeth
Sometimes you would have noticed little gaps in between your teeth in the form of triangles. These gaps, if left untreated, expand and make the teeth spaced apart such that plaque settles in the gaps. You can get these gaps closed with the help of dental veneers. When gaps are closed, your teeth stand firmly, and also, there are no black hollow spots in between the teeth that spoil the appearance of your smile.

From the above examples, it is evident that dental veneers enhance the aesthetics and prevent dental defects, thereby protecting the teeth. If you also wish to camouflage those minor imperfections in the teeth and enhance the overall appearance of your smile, visit The Elite Dental Care, one of the best dental clinics in California, USA. We also provide you regular tips on dental hygiene on https://theelitedental.com