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15 April 2020

What to Expect if You Need a Sinus Lift for Dental – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Have your dentist prescribed you for sinus lift surgery while you approached him for dental implants? don’t you worry, Sinus lift is a small procedure done before placing the dental implants into your gums and jaw bone

Sinus is an empty space in the face of the body connecting to the nasal cavities. Sinus lift is an elevation of sinus upwards from the jawbone to create room for the extra bone nearby the molars and premolars area.
It is not necessary that every person who gets implants will undergo sinus lift.

When do you need the Sinus lift surgery:
-> Some people have their molars and premolars very closely connected with sinus, they will be recommended for sinus lift surgery.
-> If the sinus falls on the bone tissue and softens it, bone grafting is recommended along with sinus lift procedure as the implants need a strong bone to sit on securely.
-> A tumor or cyst is removed from the area near sinus.
-> There is a bone loss or a thin jaw bone.
-> In few people sinus enlarges with age.
-> Some people by birth will have less gap between sinus and the jaw bone nearby molars and premolars.

How does the process start?
Initially, your doctor will schedule a session with you exclusively to discuss about the whole procedure, and he/she will council you if necessary.
He/she will perform the CT scans needed to observe the current condition of the jaw bone and decides if sinus lift and bone grafting procedure is needed.

Once your dentist confirms you with the both procedures he/she will make necessary arrangements.

To perform the bone grafting procedure surgeon will assemble the bone to make it into granules from various sources like
1. Parts of your body
2. Bone from animals like cow.
3. Bone donated by donors.
4. Artificial bone made with different materials, for example: synthetic.

Process of Surgery:
There are various approaches for doing sinus lift procedure:
Initially you will be given anesthesia to avoid pain and discomfort

Below procedures are followed for Sinus Lift Surgery:

1. Lateral Window Procedure:
Surgeon reaches the anterior area to be treated, makes a small incision and rises up the gums for the visibility of the bone.
He makes a small oval window in the bone using different instruments, this exposes a membrane called Schneider membrane.
Schneider membrane is lifted up slowly to create empty space.
Empty space is filled with bone grafting material granules and the window made in the bone is closed off with a patch.
As a final step, surgeon stitches back the tissues of the gum.

Osteostome Procedure:

Sinus lift procedure is performed with an instrument called “Osteotome”.

It is used to lift up the Schneider membrane upwards from the jaw bone and create space.

Rest of the process is as similar as in Lateral Window process.

Piezoelectric surgery:

This approach is effective and advanced compared to the other two approaches for doing Sinus lift surgery, it is called Piezoelectric surgery.

This procedure has Piezosurgery device which has modulated functional frequency.

We can cut hard and soft bones,nerves, tissues etc. easily without any damage as the device has the characteristic of modulating the frequency as required in that particular circumstances.

How does the instrument work:

As we set up the frequency and start the device, the tip of the device produces ultrasonic vibrations which generates pressure and starts cutting the bone precisely without touching the tissues around the bone.

Oscillating tip propels cooling irrigation fluid which gives the sense of coolness near the operated area.

This device also provides high visibility into the operating area to the surgeons even in the deeper spaces of the body during the surgery.
Research on procedures:

Sinus lift is done to strengthen the surplus bone in the atrophic posterior molars and premolars area.

We conducted research on the three approaches and figured out these following results:

If you have a residual bone of height less than 5 mm, the implant does not survive and life of bone decreases gradually.

Lateral Window procedure increases the vertical height of surplus bone to more than 9mm, and this increases the life of implant. However it has the risk of tearing of the membrane and damaging the other part of the gums or teeth.

Osteotome approach increases the vertical height to 3mm to 9mm which is absolutely not safe and decreases the life of implants.

Piezoelectric surgery is proved to be the safest approach as the process is simple and sinus lift is ample and do not effect the other soft and hard tissues present in the surrounding.

Patient will be comfortable with this approach.

Placing implants:

Patients will have to wait for four to nine months for healing and placing the implants.

For few people whose jawbone is strong, the implants are implanted as a part of the sinus lift surgery.

After four to seven days, your dentist will ask you to visit to run a check on the stitches.

Stitches gets dissolved in some people, however for some people surgeons will remove the stitches manually as they do not dissolve themselves.

You might experience bleeding, pain, swelling, irritation for couple of days.

If the bleeding and swelling do not stop after two days of the surgery consult your surgeon immediately.

Try gargling with salted warm water after a day of the surgery.

You will have the discomfort for few days on following your routine but proper care would help you pass through this phase and get along with routine.

Do not miss your scheduled dental visits as your doctor will clean the operated area with professional products.


The cost of this surgery depends on the complexity of the problem and the amounts of bone graft material used.

In US we charge around $1500 to $5000 approximately.

People who cannot effort for huge amount, can claim for dental insurance which pays partial amount including for implants and other partial amount should be paid from your pocket.

Apart from this you can apply for a medical loan, which can be repaid monthly in installments.



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