Why Some Old Fillings Could Be Doing More Harm to Your Tooth?
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3 July 2022

Why Some Old Fillings Could Be Doing More Harm to Your Tooth?

Tooth fillings are the most sorted procedure for people who have cavities or any other fixable dental problems. It should be kept in mind that the larger the cavity, the larger the filling will be.  

Only if there is too much damage, then you can opt for root canal therapy or a dental crown which shall be the only option. 

Though fillings are done on minor dental problems, compared to others, it can still sometimes create a big mess, and damage your overall tooth health when they start to age with time. They endure too much wear and tear throughout the years. 

If you have had your teeth fixed with fillings sometime back, you probably might have microfractures in your teeth. Meaning the metal pushing your filling, will be pushing your healthy enamel as well.  

It gets worse when you are having a meal or chewing it from that side of the mouth where your feeling is done as the pressure from chewing pushes against the metals in the filling.  

 Whatever the cause may be, the healthy part of the tooth gets damaged or always remains at risk of being damaged. If the cracks caused by pressure reach the pulp, and are left untreated. It may result in infection or even worse, an abscess. 


Types of fillings and their side effects:  

By now we all know, fillings can cause severe oral issues, but something the fillings might start to affect your body’s overall health. 

Metal Amalgam Fillings: 

Metal Amalgam are dental fillings that are made of a mixture of metals, that are elemental liquid mercury and a powder alloy made up of silver, tin and copper. It is made to fit the size of the cavity that you have & if you do not have enough space for the filling, your dentist will remove your healthy enamel along with your decay in the tooth.  

Because of Metal Amalgam Fillings, people suffer from muscle weakness, nausea, and vomiting, numbness, difficulty in breathing, and many more health issues. It is caused because 50% of the filling is made up of elementary liquid mercury.  

Every time a person chews the food, the mercury in the silver filling is released into your body.  


Signs your dental filling should be removed?  

Since by now we know filling can cause serious health issues which shall need medical support and care.  

So, it is better to know the early signs, before it causes too much of an issue later with time. It is also to be kept in mind that fillings are often damaged for a variety of reasons and do not last forever. Below are some of the common signs that your fillings need to be removed.  

  1. The contours of your teeth feel unusual.
  2. Increased level of sensitivity.
  3. Utter discomfort while consuming food.