Filling the Root Canal – Elite Dental Care Tracy
Root Canal Treatment


16 November 2019

Filling the Root Canal – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Filling the Root Canal: 
Root Canal Filling
Are you undergoing a Root Canal filling? Are you anxious and worried about what it is and what are its after effects?
As a dental doctor Dr.Singh says there is nothing to panic about it, as we all know there are lot of advancements and innovations in technology, many new tools like Endodontic Burs, Excavators, Root canal explorer, Ultrasonic instruments are used to treat Root canal.
These tools make the procedures easy and does not cause unbearable pain.
Root Canal is the inside part of tooth between the tooth roots and the pulp of the tooth.
Root Canal Filling is a major step in Root Canal treatment, it acts as a substitute to the pulp of the tooth that avoids the tooth extraction.
The Elite Dental Care Hospitals in Tracy has the best team headed by Dr.Singh.
We counsel and tend to explain our patients everything before doing the procedures and prepare them for the pre and post effects of the surgery.
We have good expertise and high success rate in dental procedures.
Root Canal Procedure:
A root canal is removal of decayed or infected part of the tooth and save the remaining normal tooth by cement filling it with a crown or a cap in the empty space.
After the treatment, the tooth recovers gradually and reverses back to its normal functions, if the tooth does not become normal then the option left is to extract the tooth.
Root Canal Filling process:
Step 1:
The dentist gives general anesthesia to numb the surgery part, cleans up the infections and removes the damaged pulp.
He/She Shapes up the canals and fill with a special rubber like material called “Gutta-percha”.
Gutta-Percha is a natural polymer from latex from the Percha tree( Palaquium gutta)
This procedure is completed in two sittings, each 90 minutes.

                                           Root Canal Filling process

Once the root filling is done, the crown is restored on the tooth with the cast restoration.
Does Root Canal fillings hurt?
A root canal filling do not hurt, it is painless during the procedure and also relieves the pain that was experienced before the procedure.
If the pulp of the tooth is totally damaged then Root Canal filling is the only option to save the tooth, or tooth extraction is the other alternative option to keep the surrounding teeth and gums healthy.
Root Canal filling cases are generally successful, they fail in rare cases.
As a dental doctor I say Root Canal filling fail when it is opted without a crown.
Too much filling without a crown will lead to fall in tooth and hence the procedure fails and tooth extraction will be the left option.
Once you are done with a Root Canal treatment, it is a new life to your tooth and extra care is definitely needed as it can be re- infected putting you back again in painful circumstances.