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27 July 2020

Foods to Eat / Avoid While Using Braces – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Do you have broken, chipped, or misaligned teeth? Have you chosen to visit a dentist to straighten or align the teeth with braces?
Congratulations!!! you have taken the right decision.
You have put a step forward to improve your oral hygiene and prevent further health complications but reap better improvements and healthy changes in your life.
A famous author once said, ” A change is preceded by chaos”.
Therefore, life is not so easy to live with the braces in the early stages when you wear them.
Getting braces seems to be exciting!!! However, it takes ample time to accept the changes in your life after wearing them.
Compromise of many things becomes essential to align or straighten your teeth with braces.
If you happen to talk to people who wear braces, the majority of people express that the hardest adjustment of their life with braces is giving up on their favourite food.
As a dentist, we believe that a healthy diet and oral hygiene are two powerful mantras that provide easy transition of life with braces.
A common query that every patient with braces asks the dentist is about

  1. Diet
  2. Its’ effects on the braces.

Here is the list of foods to eat and avoid while you wear braces:
Foods to eat in the first week after getting the braces:
It is common to have discomfort and pain in the initial stages or in the first week of getting the braces.
Patients should eat soft foods like Yogurt,  boiled vegetables, thin soups, stewed fruits, etc.
in the first week of getting the braces and avoid pressure on the teeth.
Foods to eat with braces:

  1. Cooked, soft, or boiled vegetables
  2. Moist desserts
  3. Grains: pasta, soft cooked rice
  4. Seafood
  5. Bread like soft tortillas, pancakes, muffins without nuts.
  6. Dairy products like cheese, milk-based drinks, cottage cheese, eggs, yogurt, etc.
  7. Tender meatballs, lunch meats.
  8. Ice creams without nuts, milkshakes, peanut butter cups, brownies, soft cookies.

Note: Try to limit the chocolate items as they form cavities in the teeth.
Foods to avoid with braces:
Be wise while you select the foods to eat, as they may damage the braces or even your teeth behind the braces.
These are a few foods to avoid while you have braces on your teeth:

  1. Chewy foods: bagels, licorice, pizza crust, French-bread, etc.
  2. Sticky foods: chewing gums, gummy candies, caramel candies, etc.
  3. Hard foods: Dry fruits, nuts, candies, etc.
  4. Foods like carrots, corn, apples, chicken wings, ribs, etc. must be avoided to prevent damage.
  5. Coloured, sugary foods.

It is also advisable not to chew pens, biting nails, open the bottle’s cap.
Quit smoking, alcohol, and other bad habits.
Dentists advise the athletes and musicians to wear orthodontic mouthguards to avoid the damage in the braces and the teeth.
As soon as you get the braces, try to know the pros and cons of the braces.
Discuss with your dentist clearly, and do follow the list of instructions, restrictions, and precautions.
Home remedy:
As soon as you put the braces on your teeth, your chin, nose, teeth, tongue become tender, sore, and irritated.
Give time to your body to get habituated to the braces.
Tips to avoid the irritation:
Rinse your mouth with salted warm water frequently.
Brush politely and floss regularly to maintain oral hygiene.
Do not miss regular dental visits.
Initially, braces are painful to wear, but if you take proper care, maintain oral hygiene, and diet, they give you properly aligned teeth and a confident smile.
Damage in the braces will only prolong the treatment.
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