28 November 2020


A smile brings charm to the face! But what’s essential for the smile to look charming? 

Our oral cavity must be perfect with the teeth all aligned and shining bright. Often we try to beautify our face with assorted beauty products but neglect our teeth underestimating the beauty that they add to our face. 

 Dedicated care for the oral cavity is necessary to maintain a good set of teeth. When the oral cavity is considered, it’s not only the teeth, but many more delicate parts complement the beauty of our face. 

But the most prominent one that is easily noticeable is the tooth enamel.

 What is tooth enamel?

Enamel is the hardest substance in the human body even harder than the bones. We often appoint strong security forces to safeguard the most precious assets in life. The same is with our bodies. 

The hardest substance enamel acts as a protective layer for each and every tooth in our oral cavity. It is the outer layer of the tooth and the most easily noticeable one.  

 What is a tooth enamel made of? 

 The enamel is a hard substance made up of minerals. It is mainly composed of calcium phosphate with traces of magnesium, strontium, lead and fluoride. It is because of the enamel’s hardness that a person can bite and chew even the hardest of foods. It does not contain blood vessels or nerves. Its white color is attributed to the calcium compounds. 

 What is the function of tooth enamel?

 As it is the outermost layer of a tooth, its primary function is to protect the inner layers. It withstands all the physical and chemical forces on the teeth, thereby protecting the inner, delicate layers of dentin and pulp. 

 It also acts as a defense to all the harmful bacteria trying to reach the interior of the teeth. It also withstands the temperature extremities on the teeth. This is the reason that due to tooth enamel loss, you experience sensitivity while drinking hot and cold liquids.

 When you develop cavities in the teeth, these cavities destroy the enamel and expose the inner layers of dentin and pulp which are then inhabited by the bacteria. 

 How can we protect the tooth enamel?

 Brush your teeth twice a day following the appropriate procedure and also floss them. Have a check on your food habits and restrict the foods that damage the tooth enamel. Now the question arises that which foods are good for tooth enamel.

 Foods that Brighten the Tooth Enamel

As we know, the enamel is made of calcium phosphate primarily, and hence consumption of calcium-rich foods are quite good to brighten it. Even when the enamel is demineralized, calcium-rich food can supplement the necessary minerals required by the teeth. 

 Dairy Products

Dairy products are rich in calcium, and hence consumption of products like milk, cheese, plain yogurt can strengthen your teeth. This is the reason that we have always been instructed to drink milk right from childhood. Naturally consume the dairy products without the addition of any powder or sugar for better results.

 Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, broccoli are rich in minerals and low calorie. They provide defensive force to the enamel to fight against the acids and bacteria. 

 Green Tea and Black Tea

Green tea and black tea contain polyphenols that fight the bacteria and acidic compounds entering the mouth and harming the enamel. They prevent the growth of bacteria which could otherwise erode the enamel. 

Foods Rich in Flouride

Fluorides strengthen the teeth and also prevent the entry of cavities. These foods include beans, potatoes, spinach, sodas, fruit juices, and grapes.


Saliva secreted in the mouth is a good defense against bacteria and plaque. Eating more of juicy fruits like apples, pineapples, grapes can produce more saliva and thereby help you maintain good oral health. Strawberries are the best for teeth. Eating strawberries can brighten your enamel to a significant level.

 Drink Plenty of Water

Water is one of the vital necessities for the body and the teeth as well. Consumption of acidic juices can wear away your enamel. Water could be a good substitute for these juices. Water keeps your mouth and body hydrated, and additionally, it washes away the food leftover in your mouth. It also washes away the acidic content on the teeth. 

 Now that we have spoken about the foods that are good for enamel, it is essential to be aware of the goods that are harmful to the enamel. Restrict the consumption of harmful foods so that your enamel stays strong and bright.

Foods that Harm Tooth Enamel

Sugary and Sour Candies

Candies contain a lot of sugar that damage the enamel and expose the inner tissues. These candies stick to your teeth and also tend to wash away your teeth enamel.

Caffeinated and Carbonated Drinks

Have you seen the spots on your clothes when a carbonated drink gets poured on it? These stains hardly wash away. So do it happen with your teeth. Most of these drinks contain harmful citric acids that fasten the wear away of enamel. They also contain a lot of sugar which is again harmful. 

 Alcohol and Smoking

These two things are anyway unhealthy for the body, but they pose a significant danger to your teeth as well. As mentioned earlier, saliva helps in fighting tooth decay, cavities and bacteria, alcohol dries out your mouth and reduces the secretion of saliva. Smoking leads to discoloration and weakening of teeth. Drinking alcohol and smoking must be strictly avoided to prevent damage to teeth enamel.

What happens if the tooth enamel is affected?

Your enamel may erode, leading to the exposure of inner tissues like dentin and tooth pulp where bacteria and acids settle. Teeth discoloration, cavities, tooth decay and plaque are the few guests to your mouth when the enamel departs. 

 It is highly recommended to consume enamel-friendly foods to avoid dental ailments. Visit Elite Dental Care for any dental issues and dental consultations.