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21 September 2019

How Are Wisdom Teeth Removed – Elite Dental Care Tracy

How are Wisdom teeth removed.
Our teeth erupt into different stages from babyhood stage to adolescence.
Between the ages 17 to 21, third molar set are developed called as wisdom tooth.
These wisdom teeth should be extracted as it is unpredictable. Some Wisdom tooth might not need removal, however the impacted wisdom tooth might hurt and requires surgical procedures to get extracted.

A brief notes on wisdom teeth:

Wisdom teeth:
There are three molars in human dentition, and wisdom teeth is the third set of molar which stays posterior.
Sometimes wisdom tooth might not have space to merge with the normal teeth.
Wisdom teeth causes hyperdontia, it is a condition where a small tooth forms on the normal tooth. It appears in the inside of upper or lower jaw.

Wisdom Teeth

                          Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth Complications:

  1. Crowded teeth.
  2. Inflammation, infection in the surrounding gums and tissues.
  3. Crooked teeth
  4. Tooth decay.
  5. Pain in Jaw
  6. Tumors or cysts under gums.

To avoid these complications removal of Wisdom teeth is very important.
Removal of Wisdom teeth:

  • All the wisdom tooth are not necessarily removed.
  • Removal of wisdom tooth is suggested depending upon the position, stage of development, If it gives pain and considered as hub for infections or inflammations.
  • Before removal of wisdom tooth, oral surgeon will check for any existing infections, the surgery will not take place until the infections are cleared up with some antibiotics.
  • After everything is clear Dentist follows a procedure to extract the wisdom teeth.

Steps in removal of Wisdom teeth:

  • Doctor would suggest us not to eat or drink anything after midnight so that our body will be prepared for anesthesia.
  • General Anesthesia is given to patients to numb the part where the tooth is removed.
  • Patients fall asleep due to anesthesia.
  • Procedure starts: Firstly doctor opens up the gum tissue and takes out the bone that is covering the tooth that has to be removed.
  • He will separate the tissue that is the connection between the bone and the tooth.
  • He takes out the tooth and sets back the bone.
  • Sometimes the tooth will be cut into small pieces to take it out easily.
  • After the whole process is done , stitches are needed to close the whole thing, some stitches get dissolved and some stitches are needed to be removed manually after healing.
Removal of Wisdom teeth

                                         Removal of Wisdom teeth


  • Bleeding shall stop within 24 hours, if it does not stop call your doctor for suggestions.
  • When the mouth is numb due to anesthesia do not bite inside the cheeks, lips or tongue.
  • Try to relax after surgery and do not undergo more physical stress it might increase bleeding.
  • Use ice packs for soaking outside the cheeks.
  • Do not smoke until 24 hours, or consume cool drinks, alcohol etc.
  • Eat soft foods, mostly liquids are preferred till the pain is gone.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water several times a day after 24 hours which gradually reduces swelling, redness and pain in the mouth.
  • Do not do anything in sucking motion which loosens up the bandage and delays healing.

Wisdom teeth risks:

  • Pain and swelling in the part of tooth removed and in the gums.
  • Bleeding for 24 hours.
  • Numbness for sometime in the whole mouth part.
  • While the wisdom teeth is removed from the upper jaw there will be an opening in sinus cavity.
  • Slow healing gums.

I treat many cases of wisdom tooth successfully, and give strict suggestions to my patients for fast healing and motivate them to visit their hospital on the scheduled dates.
As soon as you discover wisdom tooth, seek suggestion from your doctor if it has to kept or removed.
For some people Wisdom tooth is not a big problem it, after some days the tooth falls off itself but some people they have to undergo the surgical process to remove their wisdom tooth to avoid further complications.