How to Know If You Have Gum Disease and What to Do About It – Elite Dental Care Tracy


21 October 2019

How to Know If You Have Gum Disease and What to Do About It – Elite Dental Care Tracy

How to know if you have Gum diseases and what to do about it?
If you observe any changes in your mouth, where you are not able to chew your food due to pain or find redness in your gums then it is time to consult your dental doctor.
These changes may result in gum diseases and become serious gradually if they are left untreated.
Mostly people fear of going to dentist and they try to avoid these changes or intake some general medications to get temporary relief.
Myself Dr. Singh and my team from Tracy working at The Elite Dental Care, we keep our patients and other people surrounding updated regarding the procedures we follow and the new advancements shooting up to motivate them and fight the fear in them.
In general, We get effected by gum diseases due to poor oral hygiene, hormonal changes in body especially for women or due to the old age.
How to identify the Gum Disease:

  • Redness and irritation in gums,
  • Bleeding while brushing, Bad Oral Hygiene,
  • Pain while chewing, and speaking these symptoms can be identified as Gum diseases.
Gum Disease

                        Gum Disease

  • If the Bacteria, plaque or tartar are build up in the gum, it decreases the strength of Gum and invites the gum diseases.
  • Bad breadth.

If the gum diseases are not treated properly they become a serious problem and results in Periodontal diseases.
Gum diseases does not heal away themselves so make sure to see your dentist immediately.
Why should you see your dentist if you have gum diseases?
It is important to get the gum diseases treated immediately as they are linked to our physical health and causes disorders.
Care taken at home using home remedies gives only temporary relief but may lead to serious problem gradually.
Untreated Gum diseases increases the risk of heart attack.

Gum Disease

                             Gum Disease


  1. Follow Healthy Lifestyle and diet
  2. Increase intake of Vitamin “C” and “K”
  3. Quit bad habits like smoking, drinking etc.
  4. Maintain good oral hygiene
  5. Regular Dental visits.
  6. Use Soft bristles brush and Fluoride rich tooth paste.

To avoid or fight the gum diseases or attack of any dental problems usage of right oral products plays a vital role.
Maintenance of proper oral hygiene is also very important.