How to Relieve Tooth Pain Due to Sinus Pressure? – Elite Dental Care Tracy


24 July 2020

How to Relieve Tooth Pain Due to Sinus Pressure? – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Are you suffering from tooth pain, facial pain, or headache at a time?
Do not neglect toothache, try to observe the symptoms if the pain is severe, consult your dentist to confirm the reason, and get the treatment immediately before it is too late.
There is never a prediction of getting a toothache. It is unanticipated and causes due to several reasons.
One of the reasons can be Sinus pressure.

Before studying about sinus pressure, here is a small brief about sinus.
What is Sinus?
Sinus: Sinus is a hollow space in the passage of the nose and stays in between the molars and the nasal cavity of the face area, there are multiple sinuses, in the face area of the human body listed here:
The frontal sinus is at Low centre of the forehead.
The ethmoid sinus is in between the eyes.
Cheekbone holds the Maxillary sinus.
Sphenoid sinus stays behind the nose.
A pink soft tissue called Mucus bounds these sinuses.

What are the functions of the sinus in the human body?
Sinus moistens and warms up the air that comes into the body as we breathe.
Mucus present in the sinus, act as a filter and avoids the debris or the dust from entering into the lungs.
These sinuses also get affected by several infections and exhibit symptoms before it becomes severe.

Sinus Infection:
We at our hospital “Elite Dental Care” from Tracy come across patients who suffer from facial pain due to allergies in the sinus, and this disorder is called a sinus infection or sinus pressure.
A survey recorded that more than 30 million adults suffer from sinus pressure or sinus infection.

How does the sinus get affected by infection?
Sinus gets affected by the paranasal virus that traps and accumulates the fluid that builds up mucus in the nasal passage resulting in the blockage of the nose.
Sinus pressure exhibits symptoms such as headache, sore throat, stuffy nose, and pressure on dental nerve endings.
This pressure on dental nerve ending results in the toothache that includes upper rear teeth situated close to the sinuses.
The pain in the teeth will be unbearable if it is due to sinus pressure.
There are many remedies at home that work like magic and relieve tooth pain and sinus pressure.
Here are the top 5 tips to relieve the tooth pain due to sinus pressure

Top 5 tips to relieve tooth pain due to sinus pressure:
Follow these remedies to get relief from sinus pressure and tooth pain.

  1. Pain coincidence:

 If your tooth pain coincides with sinus pressure, attempt to clear your sinus to subside the pain, and if the pain doesn’t subside, consult your dentist to confirm the issue and treatment.

  1. Stay hydrated:

Drink lots of water and stay hydrated to battle with sinus pressure. Take a steamy bath or vapor to keep the warmth on the face and find temporary relief from sinus pressure and toothache.

  1. Sleep for good sinus health:

Take an ample amount of rest. Sleep for a long time it is the best medicine to relieve sinus pain or congestion.
Do not lie down flat on the bed, which helps the mucus to build up in the sinus and clogs the nasal cavity leading to tooth pain.
Instead, lie down with your head just higher than your heart to have a good sleep and cure to the pain.

  1. Healthy Diet:

Add calcium and vitamin c to your diet. Foods like broccoli, asparagus, green leafy, and bean sprouts that are rich in vitamin C hamper the histamines that create inflammation in the sinus.
Do not consume packed orange juice or vitamin c sold in the market, as they have dangerous essentials in them, causing harm to health.
Consume foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that instantly combats with the inflammation.

  1. Home remedies:

Rinse your sinuses with alkaline water (that is) saltwater, it moistures the sinus, and clear the discharge.
Take steam or vapor to keep the warmth on the face. This tip clears the blockage in the passage of the nasal cavity and the sinus from congestion.
OTC decongestants and expectorants act as better medicine to relieve pain.
Consult the doctor immediately if the sinus pain lasts for more than two weeks.
These tips clear the sinus pressure, if it is in the initial stage and eventually relieves the tooth pain.

A doctor or a dentist?
Most of the patients get confused to visit a doctor or a dentist if they undergo sinus pressure and tooth pain at a time.
Initially, consult your doctor if you feel the tooth pain is due to sinus pressure. He/she will clear the congestion of sinus and alleviate the pressure, and this relieves the tooth pain.
In case, there is no relief in the tooth pain even after the alleviating the sinus pressure, consult your dentist for treatment.
The dentist will do his x-rays or scans and treat you accordingly.

For people who have dental and sinus issues, a doctor or a dentist suggests practicing certain precautious for healthy living because the pain in the sinus leads to discomfort in oral health and vice versa.
Schedule regular check-ups for sinus and dental treatments to avoid sudden complications.
Practice a healthy diet to keep yourself healthy.
So, eat healthily, stay healthy, and live healthily!!!!