28 February 2021


Brightening white pearly teeth is something that most people desire because it enhances one’s smile and builds a good impression among the people. After all, that pearly white smile boosts your self-esteem and people come to you rather than mocking at the stained teeth. People spend a lot on teeth whitening products, few of which are just a mix of harmful chemicals. Turn towards the effective and safe products as mentioned below for whitening your teeth.

1. Brush Your Teeth Well
Stains on the teeth are due to the foods and drinks that you consume. These foods give their color to the enamel and dull the brightness of your teeth. If you brush your teeth well to remove even the smallest of the food residue from the gaps in between the teeth, there is comparatively reduced staining of teeth.
2. Brush with Baking Soda
Baking soda has natural whitening properties, and hence it is a regular ingredient in most toothpaste. The pH of the baking soda induces an alkaline environment in the mouth preventing the growth of bacteria. Just mix baking soda with water and brush your teeth. This will not show a significant effect overnight, but you have to continue this for long to see visible results.
3. Consume Strawberries
Crunchy fruits like strawberries and pineapples are proven to whiten the teeth. These crunchy fruits when chewed, rub and remove the plaque away. Strawberries mixed with baking soda mixture is a good remedy for teeth whitening.
4. Eat Pineapples
Pineapples contain a compound named bromelain which is used in teeth whitening toothpaste. Eating pineapples will naturally remove the stains and preserve the white color of the enamel.
5. Use Hydrogen Peroxide
A mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide removes plaque build-up and bacteria that cause a stain. This remedy takes a few weeks to show the best results.
6. Home Whitening Strips
There are teeth whitening strips available in the market. Apply these strips on your teeth for a few minutes for a few days, and you can see the results.
7. Eat Calcium-rich Foods
Tooth enamel is mainly composed of calcium, hence consumption of calcium-rich foods strengthen the enamel. Consume dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt to brighten your enamel.
8. Eat Fiber-rich Fruits & Vegetables
Eat fiber-rich fruits and vegetables like celery, apples, pears and carrots that increase the production of saliva in the mouth. Saliva washes away the bacteria and plaque build-up which prevent staining of teeth.
9. Limit the Consumption of Foods that Stain the Teeth
Limit the consumption of sugary or acidic foods that stain the teeth. Limit the consumption of caffeine as it decolorizes the teeth.
10. Avoid Drinking Alcohol and Smoking
You would have witnessed the stains of wine on clothes. Those stains hardly go. Now imagine how the wine would stain your teeth. If you cannot avoid it at once, try limiting its consumption initially. Smoking permanently stains your enamel and also weakens the gums. It is better to give up on smoking.
11. Visit the Dentist
If these home remedies do not provide good results or if your teeth are stained to a greater extent, visit the dentist for teeth whitening procedures.
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It is not only enough to have pearly white teeth but the overall oral health has to be good. And for good oral health, it is necessary to practice good oral hygiene.