Newest Dental Cosmetic Treatments
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23 April 2024

Newest Dental Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic dentistry offers the newest dental cosmetic treatments to improve the way your teeth are positioned and the way you smile. We have stated a few of them in this blog and the way they work.   

These treatments are carried out by cosmetic dentists who can straighten your teeth, whiten them, or better their profile. These dentists can also fill in missing teeth and fix chips. 

Cosmetic teeth whitening  

Cosmetic teeth whitening treatment, also known as teeth bleaching, can be carried out by a dentist in his/her office by utilizing whitening products. It is not possible for everyone to bleach their teeth, so it is better to check with your dentist if you can try teeth whitening products. 

Cosmetic dental implant  

On the other hand, a cosmetic dental implant involves the use of a metal device to replace a missing tooth forever. Made from titanium, devices are surgically placed in the jawbone where a tooth is absent. Dental implants can take the place of the tooth’s root and can secure artificial teeth, be it dentures or a bridge.  

Cosmetic dental veneer 

A cosmetic dental veneer consists of a thin shell made using porcelain or amalgamated material. You can customize veneers that are surfaced on the tooth’s front side. They are used in place of discoloured teeth, slightly crooked teeth, or teeth that are chipped. They can be used to even hide spaces present in between the teeth. 

With dental cosmetic treatments, you can improve your smile or the way your teeth are shaped. For more information on other new dental cosmetic procedures, make a point to visit your dentist regularly.