23 November 2020


Our health primarily has three dimensions:

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Dental Health

Often we have an assumption that physical health and mental health are more vital and consider dental health to be secondary. But try to remember the times when you had a toothache. How terrible that time was!

Probably at that time, you would have realized that dental health is no less crucial, and even if one tooth gets affected, your entire body feels completely drowned in pain. Even a mild toothache can disturb a person completely.

The oral cavity is the prime inlet for germs and diseases in the body. Hence it is always instructed to maintain good oral health.

The nerves and organs in the mouth are quite sensitive. It is also believed that the teeth nerves are connected to the parts of the brain and ears. This clearly explains why does a mild toothache lead to headache and earache as well. Everything is connected internally, and a little pain in the teeth disturbs your mind to a greater extent.

Is it necessary to consult a dentist for every little trouble with the teeth? Or which signs of tooth decay require immediate medical action? Is the regular dental check-up a necessity?

It’s obvious for such questions to pop up in your minds. There’s often a misconception that for any health issue one must primarily try home remedies, and if nothing works out, you must visit a doctor. Is that an appropriate approach? Are you not risking your health by doing this?

A few symptoms may seem to be quite normal initially, but if left unattended they lead to adverse consequences. Never underestimate any sign of abnormality or pain especially, in the case of the oral cavity.

Let’s dig around on what are some crucial symptoms or signs of tooth decay that cannot be ignored and require timely doctor’s action.


  1. Sudden and Unknown Toothache

Sudden pain in the tooth without an evident reason could be alarming too. If the toothache erupts all of a sudden without significant trouble in other parts of the body, the ache can be a sign of a cavity. When this cavity travels to the interior portion of the tooth, it leads to inflammation and the pain.

The reasons for the cavity may be the consumption of sugary foods and juices. There might be an assumption that limiting these food items could better the condition of the tooth. It is again like playing with your health.

Obviously, you can limit the consumption of those foods to avoid cavities in future. These cavities damage the tooth, the enamel and if left unseen, they start deteriorating the layer next to the enamel called dentin. Hence to treat the already built-in cavity, you must visit a dentist at the earliest.


  1. Toothache while Chewing Food

It happens that when you try to eat slightly hard items, you feel intense pain. If this pain occurs while eating regular foods like fruits and biscuits, it is something of major concern. It can also result due to the cavity, and a timely visit to a dentist is necessary.


  1. Tooth Sensitivity while Eating or Drinking

Rather than eating hard food items, sometimes you feel a sense of pain while eating or drinking hot and cold food items. It is termed as tooth sensitivity when your tooth is not able to bear the extremities of the temperature of various food items.

As mentioned earlier, the cavities if left unattended they travel to dentin and create a canal over there. The liquid or food that you consume travel through those canals and stimulate your teeth nerves leading to sensitivity and pain. This is the high time to get your teeth treated.


  1. Visible Holes and Discoloration of The Teeth

At times your friends would have pointed out a black or brown substance protruding from your teeth. Or there might be holes or pits in your teeth. These are the signs of tooth decay and require appropriate treatment, otherwise, you may also end up losing the affected tooth.


  1. Black Stains in Primary Teeth of Toddlers

As children, it’s natural for toddlers to have a craving for chocolates and ice creams. Parents often pamper their kids with these confectioneries. If the consumption is a limited quantity, and occasionally, there is no issue. But if the consumption is regular, you can find black stains in their teeth.

This is a sign of tooth decay. A few parents have an assumption that only the primary teeth of the kids are affected, and once these teeth fell, their kids will be blessed with a neat and good set of permanent teeth. That could be a myth!

If the tooth decay in the primary teeth is not treated timely, the permanent set of teeth that grow later may not be in proper shape and also give way to major dental issues in the later future.


  1. Misalignment of Teeth

Though the misaligned teeth may not seem to be a bigger issue, the people who have a set of misaligned teeth would understand that when it gets severe, there is a difficulty in chewing of food and sometimes also while speaking.

Use of braces is recommended at an early stage to curb the further misalignment.


  1. Bad Breath

When cavities break open canals in teeth, bacteria find a habitat over there. These bacteria give rise to bad smell and bad breath in the mouth. It can lead to severe gum disease due to the formation of plaque on the teeth.


  1. Painless Swelling and Bleeding while Brushing

There can be various reasons for the swelling and bleeding while brushing the teeth. One prominent reason could be the cavities or plaque, but still, it is advisable to consult a dentist and get the ailment treated.

All these signs could be alarming, and you must visit a dentist at the earliest to avoid serious consequences. Apart from visiting the dentist during these emergencies, it is better to get the regular dental check-up done at regular intervals. These check-ups can detect an abnormality at an early stage, preventing it to progress into a bigger ailment.

Even slight negligence can prove to be quite harmful in the later run. Do not risk your oral health and visit Elite dental care for a regular dental check-up.