gum disease treatment

Stages of Gum Diseases

Gums are supportive soft tissue holding the teeth, roots, and bones of the jaw together. They help in protecting the teeth and bones from infection caused due to bacteria.     Gum diseases are caused due to unhygienic dental care habits and improper maintenance of oral health. Thus, proper maintenance of teeth and gums with regular Stages of Gum Diseases

Does Sensitivity Go Away?

Yes. Sensitivity does go away. The process might take time based on the reasons behind it, but it is definitely curable. There are many reasons why sensitivity happens and it might lead to many other dental issues.     What is Sensitivity?    Sensitivity is a sharp pain in the teeth that is caused as a Does Sensitivity Go Away?

What is an Effective Cure for Gum Disease?

If you were looking for an effective cure for your gum-related ailments, you’ve made it to the right page. We have put together all the symptoms, home remedies, non-surgical treatments, surgical treatments, and more such information.   There are several types of gum diseases, starting from gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) to periodontitis, which causes the What is an Effective Cure for Gum Disease?


Did you know your poor oral health can lead to other health issues? One of the common oral health issues faced by people in the adolescent and older ages is gum infection. These infections in gum arise from unhealthy dental practices, and the problem begins with plaque build-up and escalates to severe Periodontal gum disease and tooth extraction. LASER DENTISTRY FOR GUM DISEASES


Do you care for your oral health as much as you care for general health? Even if people care for their oral health, they nurture care for the teeth and forget the gums. Gums are the ones that hold the teeth in place, and hence good care ought to be nourished to the gums. Infected HOW ARE GUM DISEASES LINKED TO HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE