6 September 2021


Do you care for your oral health as much as you care for general health? Even if people care for their oral health, they nurture care for the teeth and forget the gums. Gums are the ones that hold the teeth in place, and hence good care ought to be nourished to the gums. Infected gums lead to poor dental health and impact physical health, too. People with gum diseases are more likely to have elevated levels of blood pressure. Here is a quick overview of how is gum disease like Periodontitis related to hypertension. 


Caring for oral health means brushing and caring only for the teeth for a maximum of the people. They fail to realize that gums are the ones that hold the teeth in place. If the gums weaken, they loosen their hold on the teeth, and the teeth start loosening, shifting and ultimately falling off. While constructing a building, the foundation of the building is made strong to ensure that the building stands tall and strong for many years to come. Similar to the foundation of the building, gums form the foundation for teeth, and hence only healthy gums make your teeth stay strong and last long. 



The human mouth harbors bacteria that are both good and harmful. The harmful bacteria in the mouth form plaque overnight that settles on the teeth and the gaps between the teeth and the gumline. Hence it is instructed to brush the teeth every morning that removes the plaque formed. If you fail to regularly brush and floss your teeth, the plaque keeps accumulating on the gum line, and the bacteria in plaque infect the gums. Further consequences like gum inflammation, bleeding of gums and swollen gums are the symptoms of gum diseases.  


The initial stage of gum disease is Gingivitis that when left untreated causes Periodontitis in which the inflammation gets severe, and the gums begin to sway away from the teeth. Periodontal gum disease also weakens the bones of the teeth, and the person starts losing the bones. Eventually, you lose your tooth that either falls off naturally or get extracted at the dental clinic due to the intense pain. Thus plaque formed in the mouth can lead to severe consequences if left untreated.     



The bacteria in the plaque that infect the gums travel down and enter the bloodstream. Scientists in the UK observed hundreds of people who had hypertension and found that more than half of them were suffering from gum diseases, either mild or severe. They also found that people who had gum diseases and were getting treated for hypertension had a slower and poor response to the medications and the treatment compared to the ones who did not have severe gum diseases. It brought a conclusion that, in some way, people who have gum diseases are at an elevated risk for hypertension, heart diseases and stroke.  


Periodontal disease increases the inflammation of gums, elevating blood pressure. Mostly, a sudden increase in blood pressure due to gum diseases do not show any major symptoms of hypertension, and hence people do not take it seriously which makes the condition severe in future. Hence, it is essential to visit the dentist as early as you find the symptoms of unhealthy gums.   



  • Do not skip flossing, as flossing is crucial for your oral health. A toothbrush does not reach the intense areas of the teeth where the plaque keeps hiding and damage the gums. Flossing with a thin chord removes the plaque and prevents gum diseases. 
  • Rinse your mouth with an antimicrobial mouthwash after consuming sugary, sticky and acidic foods. 
  • Eat healthy foods and switch to tooth-friendly snacking options. 
  • Limit the consumption of acidic drinks that spoil your dental health.  
  • When you find the early symptoms for unhealthy gums, visit the dentist and get the gums treated to prevent severe gum diseases. 


Studies find that improving your oral health and gum health can improve your physical health and heart health. Severe periodontal diseases increase the inflammation of gums and raise blood pressure, hence it is necessary to curb the spread of bacteria in the initial stages by following the above mentioned dental health tips. Visit our dental clinic, The Elite Dental Care, the best dental clinic in Tracy, California to get your gums treated and for your dental checkup and other dental procedures.