7 May 2021


When cavities erode the enamel and extend to the inner tissues and roots of the tooth, root canal treatment gets done to prevent the damage to the roots and preserve the natural tooth. However, when people hear that a root canal treatment is required for their infected tooth, a sudden wave of fear rings over their nerves. Most people keep delaying or avoiding root canal treatment owing to the misconceptions they tend to believe. Here we come to debunk the common myths regarding root canal treatment and ensure you that it is one of the safest, painless and essential procedure for your infected tooth.

Myth1: Root Canal Treatment is Extremely Painful
Pain is something that majority of the people fear and ignore the treatment. The first thing you need to understand is that the genuine pain is caused by the infection in your tooth and not by the root canal procedure. If you delay your treatment, the infection will keep extending, and the pain becomes unbearable. This fear is major because people have heard stories from their elders of how painful the root canal used to be. That’s indeed true because back in the day due to the absence of high-tech equipment in dentistry, the treatment procedures were a little painful. But now, as you know, how extensively technology has improved. With the use of modern-day equipment, there is hardly any pain incurred on the tooth. Moreover, the tooth or the portion to be treated is made numb by administering a local anesthetic. The infected pulp containing the bad bacteria gets removed, and hence the root canal treatment relieves your teeth from pain rather than incurring any further pain.

Myth2: Tooth Extraction is better than Root Canal Treatment
If you are assuming that removing the infected tooth could be better than getting it treated for a root canal, firstly, you must understand that nothing serves better than a natural tooth. Try preserving your natural tooth as the artificial ones will hardly serve you for a lifetime. Root canal treatment removes the infection and bad bacteria from the tooth. It not only preserves the infected tooth but also ensures that the adjacent teeth are healthy. If you extract your tooth, the adjacent teeth may start shifting their position and creating gaps between the teeth.

Myth3: Root Canal Procedure demands Many Visits
A typical root canal treatment can be completed within one to three visits. However, if you go for tooth extraction and dental implantation, it would require several visits, and a huge lot of money has to be spent.

Myth4: Root Canal is not necessary if there is less or no pain
Sometimes the cavities and infections may not incur much pain in the tooth, however, that does not mean the infection is not present. The infection keeps extending silently to the inner tissues of the tooth, damaging the entire tooth. Go for the root canal treatment at the earliest and save your natural tooth.

Myth5: Root Canal is not necessary for Milk Teeth
Sometimes people have a belief that a root canal is not necessary for kids because their milk teeth will anyway fall off, and the cavities/infection will also go away with the falling of milk teeth. Do you think that’s true? Though the milk teeth will fall off the infection and the bad bacteria extend to the roots and gums. As a result, the upcoming permanent teeth will be misplaced, weak and crowded. Only if the early life of your teeth i.e. your milk teeth are healthy, the permanent teeth will last for a lifetime.

These are a few common myths regarding root canal treatment among people. It’s time that you ignore these misconceptions and preserve your natural teeth with timely treatment. You can visit The Elite Dental Clinic, one of the leading dental clinics in Tracy, California for painless root canal treatment. If you wish to know more about our services and dental health tips, get in touch with us on