30 January 2021


Dental health is one of the most valued possessions in life. A perfect set of teeth brings a charm to the smile and also builds confidence in people. Dental health not only means brightening teeth but also includes other parameters like perfectly aligned teeth, healthy gums, absence of bad breath and healthy jaws. It is necessary to maintain oral hygiene because the mouth is the major entry point for germs. You would have often heard people stress on brushing of teeth twice a day to maintain good dental health. Brushing of teeth indeed avoids dental ailments, but oral hygiene is something more than that. There are several practices to be followed to maintain the ideal oral health.
Let’s have a quick walkthrough on what are the regular oral hygiene tips to be followed religiously to maintain good dental health.


1. Brushing of Teeth Twice a Day
When you brush the teeth, the residual food particles, plaque and bacteria are removed from the mouth, and the teeth remain clean. When the mouth is clean, there is no bad breath. It is essential to brush the teeth before going to bed as well to clean off the acids in the mouth accumulated all over the day.

2. Brush the teeth in an Ideal Way
Use a fluoride toothpaste as fluoride strengthens the teeth enamel. Brush the teeth with a soft bristles toothbrush that does not hurt the teeth or gums. Brush your teeth gently and do not scrub it. Do not be harsh on your teeth and gums but place the bristles at a 45-degree angle to the gum line. Over-brushing or improper brushing can wear away the enamel and also lead to the bleeding of gums. Clean all areas of the teeth by moving the bristles up, down, back and forth. Also, clean the tongue to avoid the germ build-up on its surface and the bad breath.

3. Floss Your Teeth Regularly
Brushing is the first step, and it must be followed by regular flossing of teeth. A question arises in people’s mind that when brushing can keep the teeth clean, what is the need for flossing.
Brushing only cleans the surface of the teeth, but flossing cleans the gaps between the teeth. When you consume sticky foods, residues of the food stick in between the teeth, and lead to plaque build-up. Flossing of teeth removes all these residues, and hence it is necessary to floss the teeth at least twice a day.

4. Rinse Your Mouth with a Mouthwash
Over-the-counter mouthwash also removes the food residue from the mouth and prevents cavities. Cavities are quite dangerous as they damage the enamel and penetrate the inner tissues of teeth leading to tooth decay. The cavities can be prevented by using a suitable mouthwash.

5. Eat for Your Teeth, Not for the Tongue
Change your diet habits that strictly suit your teeth rather than just pleasing your tongue. Understandably, one cannot avoid all the favorite sugary and starch foods at once but make sure that you consume fast foods, sticky, sugary candies, chocolates and acidic foods occasionally. Continuous consumption of these foods leads to cavities and gum diseases. Also make sure that after eating acidic foods, you rinse your mouth with a mouthwash to avoid the sticking of residues in between the teeth. Consume fiber-rich foods, dairy products, fruits and green leafy vegetables that strengthen the teeth.

6. Limit the Consumption of Sodas and Carbonated Drinks
Sodas and carbonated drinks stain the teeth. They produce acids in the mouth that harm the enamel and lead to cavities. Also, these drinks dry the mouth. Instead, consume plenty of plain water as it flushes out all the bacteria and food residue from the mouth. Also, water keeps the mouth hydrated.

7. Avoid Drinking Alcohol and Smoking
Alcohol and smoking are injurious to health and have numerous adverse effects on human health. Speaking of dental health, alcohol renders drying of mouth by reducing the production of saliva. Saliva is the defense force of the mouth that fights the bacteria and plaque and prevents tooth decay. Hence when alcohol consumption reduces the production of saliva, your mouth becomes vulnerable to infections.

Have you seen the stains on your clothes when alcohol spills on them? Imagine what would be the condition of the teeth on the regular consumption of alcohol. Alcohol consumption and smoking leads to discoloration of teeth and weakens the enamel. Avoid the consumption of tobacco as it could lead to oral cancers and other periodontal diseases.

8. Increase the Consumption of Milk
Teeth enamel is the protective layer of the teeth and is composed of calcium. To render the tooth enamel healthy and strong it is necessary to consume calcium-rich foods. Milk is rich in calcium, and hence it is always recommended to drink milk at all stages in life.

9. Care for Your Gums as for Your Teeth
People often focus on their teeth but neglect the gums. They fail to realize the fact that healthy gums are the foundation for perfect teeth. If your gums are decayed, your teeth will start loosening, and you may lose them permanently. Hence it is necessary to take proper care of the gums and keep them neat and clean. Visit the dentist whenever you find your gums inflamed or they bleed while brushing the teeth. Even a minor symptom could be a potential reason for your gum diseases.

10. Visit the Dentist Regularly
When a complication is diagnosed, at an early stage, it is easy to get it treated and avoid further adverse consequences. For early diagnosis of complications, it is essential to have a regular dental check-up. Regular dental check-ups help you assess your dental health and improve it in the best way possible.

These are a few tips to be followed regularly for sound dental health. If you have developed a dental ailment or suffering from a toothache, visit the Elite Dental Care at the earliest to get your ailments treated at a nascent stage. We also provide you with the perfect counseling for maintaining good dental health.