Risks of Ignoring Dental Health – Elite Dental Care Tracy


23 September 2020

Risks of Ignoring Dental Health – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Every time you smile at someone, you are creating an impression for that moment.
To build the confidence to smile with grace and create such introductory moments, you need to have white shining and healthy teeth, which is possible only with proper dental health.
A dentist treats you professionally to cure your dental issues and assist you with the best advice of dental health. However, it is only the self-oral care that bags you the dental health and adds beauty to your smile.
What if you ignore or neglect the dental health:
Dentists always recommend not to ignore or neglect even a small dental complaint you experience.
Try home remedies, or consult a dentist immediately to treat it in the initial stages itself or it might require complicated dental procedures for the treatment or lead to tooth extraction in a few cases.
Oral health indeed bonded well with the overall body system. Therefore, if you don’t take proper oral care or have poor oral hygiene, it means you are risking your whole body system welcoming harmful diseases and ruining your happy life.
Do you want to know what are the health risks that your body experience if you ignore dental health?
The health risks can endanger your life, yet you can prevent them by little oral care like

  1. Brushing your teeth twice daily with soft bristles brush.
  2. Flossing regularly,
  3. Regular dental visits to your dentist for professional cleaning.

Here are the five risks that affect your health:

  1. Heart risks – Endocarditis:

The infection in the heart starts from the inner lining. The untreated bacteria from the gums enter the bloodstream and blocks the blood flow in the arteries resulting in heart diseases.
The heart disease requires complicated surgeries, and the bacteria in the gums need dental procedures to wash it away from the guns.

  1. Cancer – Blood, pancreatic, kidneys, etc.:

Untreated gum diseases result in poor oral health, and the bacterial infection in the gums spreads into blood cells and results in cancer of various organs like kidneys, pancreas, heart, etc.
If you have smoking and drinking habits along with gum disease, it results in oral or throat cancer.

  1. Diabetes:

Poor oral issues have a strong bond with diabetes.
Bad gums variate the sugar levels in the blood resulting in diabetes.
Dentists state that patients with severe dental diseases are prone to diabetes and vice versa.

  1. Pregnancy phase of women:

We know that women undergo many hormonal changes during pregnancy.
In this phase, pregnant women undergo oral changes, and that is why dentists recommend extra oral care to the to-be-moms, or it will affect the mother and also the baby.
In a few instances, a mother might deliver a premature baby.

  1. Bad breath:

Gum diseases left untreated will put your breathe off, and lower your confidence levels to speak in public.
People around you will feel uncomfortable talking to you.
Gum diseases turn into periodontitis, and later they from pockets around the gum line, and recede the gums.
It might lead to bad breath and bad taste.
Note: In case you are going to meet a dentist to treat the oral issue, let your dentist know everything about your health history and also about the medications you take.
Your dental prescription depends upon the medications you take in your routine.
As an experienced dentist from Elite Dental Care, Tracy. I suggest the best tip to avoid all the health complications, and dental issues are to follow your dental discipline and schedule regular dental visits for professional cleaning with dentists preferred dental products.
It helps you keep up your oral and overall health and lead a happy life with confidence and a ravishing smile!!!