The Importance of Fluoride for Your Teeth – Elite Dental Care Tracy


23 December 2019

The Importance of Fluoride for Your Teeth – Elite Dental Care Tracy

Importance of fluoride for teeth:
Are you wondering how to improve your dental health naturally with out spending more time visiting the dental doctor?
Try to use sufficient fluoride consistent products for the welfare of the teeth.
Fluoride is the mostly used mineral in dentistry. It helps to prevent cavities and
enhance the oral health.

Fluoride Teeth

                                      Fluoride Teeth

Fluoride is mostly found in water,air,rocks,and soil. Our bones and teeth also has this mineral.
It is also found mostly in products sold outside. These products are toothpaste, different types of mouth rinses and supplements of Fluoride mineral.
These supplements of fluoride mineral should be taken only under doctor’s supervision.

Importance of Fluoride for teeth:
Fluoride is a very effective mineral which avoids tooth decay.
It restores the minerals in the enamel and prevents the accumulation of bacteria.
Fluoride can kill dental decays in early stages as it has the capability to remineralize the affected area.
As fluoride is a natural mineral, it is obtained from some resources like water, tooth paste, mouth rinses etc.
It does not need any special treatment.
As soon as fluoride goes inside the body it enters the blood stream, it becomes the part of the tooth and gives strength to the enamel.
Swallowed fluoride turns into a form of saliva and strengthens the teeth.
Limited usage of fluoride provides good oral and physical health, excess usage is harmful and causes Fluorisis (discoloration of teeth).
We should thoroughly check the drinking water for recommended fluoride levels , as deficiency causes oral and health problems.
Excess fluoride levels becomes poison and lead to serious conditions.

we have professional treatments for low fluoride level disorders.
Prices vary from $20 to $50 approximately or more depending upon the hospital the patient choose however it is affordable and less than other treatments comparatively.

For those have low fluoride levels doctors physically apply a form of a solution, gel, foam or varnish that is highly rich in fluoride.
These professional treatments can be done at home but only under the directions of the dentist.

Benefits of fluoride:
Teeth reabsorbs minerals like calcium and phosphate and repairs the weaken enamel.
Fluoride strengthens the enamel and make it resistant towards bacteria or plaque and enhances the oral health.
It slows down the growth of bacteria and development of cavities.
It helps in preventing premature loss of teeth.
You will not have the need to go to a dentist.

As your grow old, though you intake required amounts of fluoride try to schedule a dental appointment and visit the doctor for a general check up once in 6 months or an year and keep an keen observation on the oral and also physical health.