The New Denture Care Instructions and Tips – Elite Dental Care Tracy


7 September 2019

The New Denture Care Instructions and Tips – Elite Dental Care Tracy

The New Denture Care Instructions and Tips
New dentures:
Did you get new dentures? Or somebody you know got dentures recently? then you must be having many queries on how to take care of the new dentures.
Check out the precautions listed here to find answers for your queries.
It is estimated that by 2050 two billion people aged 60 or above will have lost their teeth and need complete or partial dentures.
There is going to be rise in demand for both complete and partial dentures.
In our dental hospital, we get feedback from our patients that It is taking time for them to get accustomed to the dentures.
It is true that if a foreign body is fixed inside the human body, it takes time to adjust and get merged.
Some people get accustomed to it within couple of days, some may take one week or so.
We keep such patients motivated and counsel the patients who take time to get accustomed to the new dentures because it is all in the brain.
Some people accept the change immediately and some take time to accept the change and such people need motivation from a professional.
To maintain a beautiful smile we definitely need shining tooth either it be natural or artificial.
Once the new dentures are placed into the mouth these after care instructions should be strictly followed:
Clean Daily:
Clean the dentures daily, brush with a tooth brush with soft bristles, do not use the common toothpaste ,use the tooth brush and paste that are specially made for dentures.
Clean the dentures after every meal if possible or brush twice a day.
While cleaning pay attention on not bending or disconnecting any attachments of the dentures.
Dentures should not just be soaked but they should be definitely brushed to avoid presence of any plaque, inflammation or formation of bacteria.

New Denture Care Instructions and Tips

New Denture Care Instructions and Tips

Dentures Fitness:
While removing and putting on the dentures the tissues below the dentures are changing and getting disturbed continuously so try to use the dentures carefully.
Tissues should be left for rest at least for eight hours continuously so try to put out the dentures in the night time.
If there is any of feeling of looseness in the dentures and difference in the fitting of the dentures immediately contact your dental doctor for further improvements.
Handle carefully:
While you handle the dentures in the hand place water in the sink or a soft towel below to avoid them fall off and break.
Do not put the dentures on the bare ground, sink, or any type of hard floor or material.
While the dentures are resting outside soak them in cold water in a bowl or soak them in a solutions specialized for soaking dentures.
Oral Hygiene:
Cleanse your mouth with warm water or fluoride solutions, brush your gums, existing natural teeth with fluoride toothpaste before reinserting the dentures.
This stimulates circulation and gives us a refreshing feeling in the mouth.
Avoid goggling with hot water and too much usage of warm water.
Doctor appointments:
Do not miss the scheduled doctor appointments, as the doctor will thoroughly clean your dentures and treat if there is any plaque formation that you have missed cleaning and also checks the fitness of the dentures.
let the doctor know whatever situations you are going through after putting on the dentures.
Removing Dentures:
Remove the upper denture by putting the thumb on the front teeth,press upward and outward towards the nose.
Apply rocking motion and pull the lower denture slowly.
Here dentures has to be handled very carefully as they are attached to the tissues.
If the tissues get disturbed or destroyed then none of the dentures match to the mouth.

New Denture Care Instructions and Tips1

        New Denture Care Instructions and Tips

Tips to Denture Care:

  1. Handle the dentures with extreme care, if there are cracks in dentures it is easy for the bacteria and plaque to build up which results in inflammation.
  2. Too much cleaning of dentures might loosen the dentures set up and fitting will be lost.
  3. Dentures has to be cleaned at least twice daily.
  4. Try to eat soft foods initially when the dentures are put in the mouth, after getting accustomed to it gradually start eating the routine food.
  5. Do not give your dentures in multiple hands.
  6. Do not allow your dentures to dry or they become shapeless.
  7. Use soft bristles brush and tooth paste that are exclusively made for dentures.
  8. Do not use home remedies like baking soda etc to whiten the dentures, that might damage them, visit your dental doctor he will whiten them using professional products.
  9. See you doctor to find out any signs of gum diseases or irritations.
  10. Dentures should be refitted by relining or re basing. Seek your doctor’s suggestion for refitting of new dentures after few years.

As a dental doctor I recommend the above instructions and tips to keep your dentures healthy and restore your beautiful smile and maintain it for lifetime.