These are the tips to stop Mouth Breathing
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26 October 2022

These are the tips to stop Mouth Breathing

Healthy people use their nasal passages for breathing but in case of a blocked nose, allergies, or physical exhaustion, they tend to breathe with their mouth. In some cases, people develop mouth breathing over a period of time or are born as mouth breathers and it needs to be treated.   


Mouth breathing can lead to many complications; hence, it needs to be diagnosed at the earliest and treated. There are many dental issues that can crop up due to mouth breathing. 


What are the complications caused by Mouth Breathing? 


1.Dental problems: Mouth breathing does not filter the air and leads to changes in the existing bacteria in the mouth. This can cause the development of bacteria and causes gum diseases and tooth decay.  


2.Changes in Facial features: Most times changes in facial features like an elongated face, dark circles, dark spots, and narrow nostrils are the result of mouth breathing.  


3.Dry Mouth: Mouth breathing dehydrates the mouth and can cause dental problems like cavities and gum infections.  


How is Mouth Breathing Treated? 


Mouth Breathing needs to be treated at the earliest as it may cause dental problems, disturbed sleep cycle, and reduces the overall quality of your life. 

Firstly the reason for mouth breathing is diagnosed and based on that required treatment is given to the patient.  


Here are a few ways in which mouth breathing is generally treated: 


  1. Nasal Sprays 
  2. Surgical removal of tonsils and adenoids 
  3. Recommending the use of air filters inside the house. 
  4. CPAP Machines Recommending medication and breathing exercises. 
  5. Exercise to reduce excess weight 


Tips to stop Mouth Breathing 


1.Practice nasal breathing: Irrespective of the reason for the cause of mouth breathing many doctors suggest practicing nasal breathing techniques and meditation. 

2.Clear your nasal blockage: Nasal blockage is the most common cause of mouth breathing and clearing your nose is the effective way to avoid it.  

3.Use a bigger pillow: A bigger pillow props your head up giving a better sleeping posture. This reduces mouth breathing to a great extent.  

4.Exercising: Physical activity helps in weight reduction, reduces stress, and improves immunity. All of these aids in reducing mouth breathing. Thus exercising is the most common recommendation by doctors for people with mouth breathing problems.  

5.Meditate: Stress is one of the most common reasons behind mouth breathing. Stress causes many such effects which eventually lead to mouth breathing. Hence meditation and stress reduction is the solution for holistic improvement of quality of life.  


Mouth breathing is can be a symptom of many serious complications which needs immediate attention. Obesity, depression, sleep apnea, and nasal blockages are some reasons to name a few. These need to be addressed and need immediate medical attention as they might lead to complications like heart failure, lung failure, etc.  


Though mouth breathing and its impending complications might seem dangerous, it can be cured by early diagnosis and proper medical care. It also requires lifestyle changes like exercising and healthy eating.