What is laser gum recontouring?
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27 June 2022

What is laser gum recontouring?

Who does not want a beautiful smile, especially in today’s age, where the most toxic trait one could have is to spread happiness with a beautiful smile? It is true that all are beautiful however we are, but some of us do face certain problems. By now, we all know that everyone has a different set of gum lines, some are high and low and some may be uneven. So, for the one who feels insecure, self-conscious, or has oral issues with their gums, there are ways to fix their gums in order to radiate their beautiful smile.    

Here, Gum Contouring or Gingival Sculpting, or Gingivoplasty comes to play. It is a simple outpatient procedure, done by a dental specialist to treat periodontal issues including gum recession, uneven gum line, and a gummy smile. Laser gum contouring is a similar procedure that refers to the use of lasers to make precise cuts, which helps to clear away unwanted tissue, improving the appearance. During the procedure, the doctor uses a soft tissue laser and re-sculpts the gum line.    

Although there are traditional ways to contour one’s gum, laser gum contouring is done with a high-powered laser that uses light energy to remove gum tissue. The procedure causes minimal invasion and is virtually pain-free, as compared to the manually done procedure. It is also much safer and more precise in removing the excess tissue.    

Although it sounds drastic, laser gum recontouring is such a simple procedure with such a dramatic difference in the appearance of a person.    


Benefits of Laser Gum Contouring   

Laser gum contouring uses advanced dental technology to improve patients’ smiles or for some their oral health.    


Below are some of the advantages of opting for laser gum contouring instead of the traditional one.   


  1. Precise and Improved Gumlines: 

The laser contouring cuts closely at the gum line and allows the doctor to reshape the gum line accurately. The precision laser gum contouring is unmatched in terms of a manual scalpel.    

  1. Virtually Pain-Free:  

Since, in this process, the doctors use high-powered lasers which use light energy to remove the gum which cauterizes nerves and tissues while it cuts through the gum, the patients are likely to feel little-to-no pain at all, because of which many patients avoid anesthesia during the procedure, and the ones who ask for anesthetic require a very little dose of it to maintain one’s comfort during the whole procedure.    

  1. No Bleeding or Very Less Bleeding 

If you had done gum contouring in a traditional manner, you shall have faced the issue of bleeding, but since the technology is moving at a rapid pace, as compared to the traditional gum contouring in Laser Gum Contouring, it involves virtually less to no bleeding. As the laser cuts away excess gum tissue, it simultaneously cauterizes the tissues to minimize bleeding making it more convenient and timeless.    

  1. Recovery 

One thing is sure that technology is a boon for the people in today’s generation, as laser gum contouring does not require sutures and does not leave the patient with any open sores, and the recovery rate from laser gum contouring is very much faster than that of a traditional contouring procedure, making it a simple yet an effective way to get beautiful smiles.    

But sometimes, some of them get mild pain which can be relieved with Ibuprofen.  Word of caution:    

It is advised not to take aspirin pain relievers as they can increase bleeding.  Since the recovery rate for laser gum reshaping is fast, it varies from person to person. Many people feel fully recovered within a few days, while others may require two weeks or so. As you recover, it is absolutely important to be extra careful while eating. It is best advised to avoid crunchy or hard foods that may irritate the gums and affect the recovery time and increase the recovery time. Also, the use of a hard-bristled toothbrush is to be strictly restricted; one can use a soft-bristled toothbrush with very gentle pressure.   


Who Should Use Laser Gum Contouring?  

It’s never about whom or how, but for the people who want to change their looks to get in the extra boost of confidence. But according to the data and records, people have:   

  1. Uneven Gums: Uneven gums can make the teeth look uneven, which can be fixed with the help of laser gum reshaping.  
  2. Excessive Gum Tissue: Excessive gum tissue can make your smile look “gummy”.  People who feel self-conscious about their smiles due to excessive gum tissue can fix it with the help of laser gum reshaping.   
  3. Hidden teeth: Extra gum tissue can make your teeth look small as the gums cover almost all the teeth making them look like baby teeth.