5 Types of Dentists
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26 October 2022

5 Types of Dentists

Many people with dental problems visit a general dentist. But very few know that there are different types of dentists. Oral care involves many parts of the mouth and teeth like the gums, underlying bone structure, etc. Each of these parts has a specialist who treats infections and other problems in that area.  


Here are 5 types of dentists. 


  1. General Dentist: These dentists are regular professionals who deal with basic pereferal problems like cavities, gum infections bad breath, etc. The treatment involves regular cleaning scaling and filling cavities. They provide preventive dental care services to avoid serious complications of the underlying bone structure and tissues. They are the most common dentists patients consult in case of any problem. After the primary diagnosis, a general dentist suggests a specialist depending upon the area of the concern. 
  2. Orthodontist: Dentists who specialize in the treatment of the bone structure of the mouth are called orthodontists. They treat and fix issues like misaligned teeth, jaw bones, and any other bone of the facial structure. They also work on designing custom oral care hardware like mouth guards, retainers, braces, alignment trays, and other corrective equipment. They are involved in any services that improve or correct the bone structure for functional or cosmetic reasons. 
  3. Periodontist: Periodontists specialize in periodontistry i.e., anything to do with treatment and diagnosing gum-related issues. They advise general dentists on treatment and procedures that are done to the gums. They also perform grafting surgery and other cosmetic treatments. A periodontist treats all kinds of gum infections, inflammations, and diseases. 
  4. Prosthodontist: Prosthodontist deal with oral prostheses that replace damaged or broken teeth. They are concerned with making custom oral replacements like dentures, crowns, tooth implants, etc. This procedure is both functional and cosmetic as they improve the ability to bite and chew. They also fix distorted teeth with implants and false teeth to improve the appearance in general. 
  5. Endodontist: They are specialists in treating the layer below the gum line that is made of pulp. It is made of sensitive living tissue and is prone to damage. It can be damaged due to injury or decay. In most cases, it can be treated but in a few, it needs to be removed through a process called a root canal. This dental procedure is mostly done by endodontists. 


All these various specializations in dental health have specialists who diagnose and treat various complications of teeth gums and bone structure. However, the primary care or diagnosis of any dental problem is done by a general dentist. They also suggest preventive care and precautions. Thus, for any problem, pain, or inflammation in the mouth, one is always advised to consult a general dentist.