24 April 2021


Teenage is one of the best phases of life, while contrastingly, there are many changes observed in a person at this stage, including the physical and emotional changes. Most teens fear the metal braces being installed in their mouth that leaves them with a gawky appearance.
Though dental braces are good for straightening the teeth and fixing bite issues, these metal races also pose a few difficulties. And hence Invisalign is considered to be a better option. Let’s find out what is Invisalign and how is it a better option for teenagers.

Invisalign indicates invisible aligners used to correct the misalignment of teeth. They straighten the teeth to enhance the smile and fix the bite issues like overbite, underbite and crossbite. Invisalign uses plastic trays as braces that fit the teeth and seem invisible due to the clear plastic appearance. Invisalign trays are worn on the teeth for the entire day and easily removed to clean the teeth and the trays. Invisalign braces get installed by teens facing aesthetic dental issues rather than severe dental misalignments.

If you have had metal braces or seen someone in your circle having metal braces in their mouth, you would be aware of the problems faced by them. Invisalign by-pass all the issues presented by those metal braces. Here are the differences between traditional metal braces and Invisalign aligner trays.

1. No Compromise on Your Smile & Appearance
Teenagers feel hesitant to speak/smile in public with metal braces in the mouth owing to the discomfort caused by the metal brackets, and their gawky smiles. There are wires and brackets all over the teeth changing the shape and overall appearance of the mouth. As people are more focused on their appearance at this stage of life, their self-confidence gets down, and they start feeling ashamed of their teeth.
Now, if Invisalign braces get placed on teeth, they are almost invisible, being made of plastic and settles so well on the teeth that people at a glance cannot even realize whether you are wearing any braces. There is no compromise on your appearance or your smile. Thus Invisalign aligners enhance your beautiful smile and self-esteem.

2. Easily Removable
Metal braces/brackets are stuck on the teeth with glue and become non-removable. Whereas Invisalign trays are easily removable while having food or cleaning the teeth. Also, the installation and removal of Invisalign are painless compared to the metal braces.

3. Convenience of Usage
Being removable, Invisalign trays enable proper cleaning of the teeth whereas with the metal brackets, brushing and flossing becomes a tedious task and debris and food residues keep sticking in between the teeth.

4. Easy Maintenance
When you can remove the Invisalign trays, you can clean them and then place them back on the teeth whereas metal braces cannot be removed, thus food residues and debris keep settling in them, causing plaque. Only the dentist can clean or replace the metal braces, but Invisalign braces get cleaned at home. You can find out how to clean the Invisalign braces on our blogs.

5. No Restrictions on Food Habits
Metal braces restrict the wearer from consuming hard foods that require extra pressure to be chewed and sticky foods that would stick in between the teeth. Foods stuck in braces are difficult to be removed. Thus whenever you open the mouth, people could see the food particles stuck in your braces also, these residues and debris give rise to plaque whereas, with Invisalign braces, you can remove the plastic aligner trays and consume the food. After having the food rinse your mouth with mouthwash, floss the teeth and then wear the aligners. This ensures that no food gets stuck in the Invisalign braces, thus preventing plaque build-up.

6. Tooth-friendly
The brackets and wires in metal braces hurt the tongue while speaking or chewing. While brushing the teeth, if the bristles touch the braces, the gums start to bleed. Due to these reasons, metal braces haunted teens in the past. Invisalign is made of plastic trays and does not hurt as it does not consist of any wires or metal pieces. Also, as mentioned above, you can remove them while brushing the teeth.

These are the obvious reasons sufficient for anyone to be convinced that Invisalign braces are by far a better option for teens and everyone who wish to straighten their teeth compared to the use of metal braces. If you wish to straighten your teeth with Invisalign invisible braces, visit our clinic, The Elite Dental Care. Along with Invisalign braces, it is essential that you follow good dental hygiene procedure for the long life of your natural teeth. Visit https://theelitedental.com for dental and oral hygiene tips.