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Are electric toothbrushes worth the hype?

A toothbrush is the single most important tool required to maintain your dental health. Brushing twice a day is strongly suggested by every dentist and hence the toothbrush used should be of utmost importance.     There are a different variety of toothbrushes available in the market for every age group. Manual and Electric are the Are electric toothbrushes worth the hype?

Adult Braces Myths and Facts

Adults are increasingly choosing to have braces on or take orthodontic treatment. It is a massive misconception that braces are only for children and teenagers. Many studies have noted that there has been a considerable increase in the number of adults getting braces on.    What are Braces?  Braces are dental fixtures that dentists suggest Adult Braces Myths and Facts

Which Toothbrush is better?

Brushing your teeth is the most important step in maintaining your oral health. Regular brushing and flossing keep the teeth and gums healthy. This also helps in preserving the overall well-being of the body.    There are tons of options in the market for toothbrushes and other dental care products. Since a toothbrush is a primary Which Toothbrush is better?

How Hormones Affect Dental Health?

When it comes to Dental Health, women and men are not built equal, women have unique health issues such as menopause, pregnancy and hormones. Hormones not only affect the blood supply of the gum tissue but also the body’s response to the toxins that lead to plague build-ship, resulting in the development of periodontal disease How Hormones Affect Dental Health?

Dental Anxiety in Children

According to studies, 10% of youngsters and young adults have a significant dental phobia. When going to the dentist, a youngster who has a minor phobia could feel anxious, agitated, or show some signs of stress. In this article, we shall talk about the dental anxiety in children that is practically experienced worldwide.   What Dental Anxiety in Children

Daily Dental Routine

A beautiful smile, which is almost like a universal language, is primarily made up of a healthy set of teeth. Because of this, the message your smile conveys may be made or broken by your dental hygiene practice.   However, if you’re like most people, taking care of your teeth is one of those reflexive grooming Daily Dental Routine

What are tooth abscess symptoms, causes, and prevention?

A dental abscess is a small pus in the alveolar bone near the tooth’s crown or tooth-supporting structure such as the gums. Both children and adults are susceptible to this bacterial illness. It hurts in some situations and doesn’t in others.   Dental abscesses can appear in both chronic and acute forms, and they are often What are tooth abscess symptoms, causes, and prevention?

When to see a dentist?

At any stage of life, tooth problems can arise. Any tooth problem can affect anyone, whether young, old, or both. But the question is, when is the right time to see the dentist?   Because you cannot tolerate the toothache easily, it can be even worse. Some people often delay visiting the dentist until the discomfort When to see a dentist?

Why choose Invisalign?

Invisalign is undergone to align your teeth properly while maintaining the aesthetic value of your smile and helping you keep your smile intact. There are several reasons why people chose Invisalign over other traditional methods to align teeth.     We have put together a list of key points to elaborate why people often choose Invisalign Why choose Invisalign?


Cosmetic Dentistry refers to addressing a patient’s specific concerns; a variety of treatments are available. The improvement of a patient’s smile and general dental aesthetics, as well as the correction of discoloration, is frequently possible.   In simple words, “Cosmetic dentistry” was born out of a desire for a beautiful smile. In recent years, this discipline WHAT IS COSMETIC DENTISTRY?