What are the Treatments for Crowded Teeth?

  Most dental problems can be treated and dental crowding is no exception. Depending upon the cause of the concern and the age of the patient this treatment can be done. There are many ways in which this can be cured. Though it is a long process and takes months and sometimes years to fix, What are the Treatments for Crowded Teeth?

Signs of Enamel Erosion

Enamel erosion is the root cause of many dental issues. Dental infections and diseases are advanced stages of dental problems which have enamel erosion as their initial symptoms. Thus enamel erosion and its symptoms should not be neglected.    What is Enamel Erosion?    Enamel is the protective coating on the teeth. It is the Signs of Enamel Erosion

5 Types of Dentists

Many people with dental problems visit a general dentist. But very few know that there are different types of dentists. Oral care involves many parts of the mouth and teeth like the gums, underlying bone structure, etc. Each of these parts has a specialist who treats infections and other problems in that area.     Here 5 Types of Dentists

What are Receding Gums?

Receding gums is a form of gum disease. In this condition, the gums recede and expose the root of the teeth. This makes the teeth more prone to dental issues like cavities, sensitivity, and infection. It also occurs during the initial stages of severe gum infections like gingivitis or periodontitis.     This condition of the What are Receding Gums?

Waterpick Vs Flossing

Hygienic dental care habits are extremely important to have a healthy cavity-free life. Most dental concerns like tooth damage, gum infection, and gingivitis have their roots in improper oral care. Food habits in general also affect the health of your teeth and gums. Water picking and Flossing are the two easy ways to ensure complete Waterpick Vs Flossing

Gum Bleeding Emergencies

Gum health is extremely important to maintain overall dental health. Most of the dental issues and problems show up on the gums immediately. Gum bleeding is one such symptom of many underlying dental problems.     What is Gum Bleeding?    Gum bleeding is a common symptom of gum disease. A slight bit of bleeding from Gum Bleeding Emergencies

Stages of Gum Diseases

Gums are supportive soft tissue holding the teeth, roots, and bones of the jaw together. They help in protecting the teeth and bones from infection caused due to bacteria.     Gum diseases are caused due to unhygienic dental care habits and improper maintenance of oral health. Thus, proper maintenance of teeth and gums with regular Stages of Gum Diseases

Gingivitis: Symptoms and Causes

Gingivitis is one of the most common dental diseases among adults. Our dental care routine, eating habits, and overall hygiene show effects on our dental health. Though it is curable completely, it can cause serious concerns if neglected.     Our present-day lifestyle and food habits are considered the cause of many dental problems. It is Gingivitis: Symptoms and Causes

What is Tooth Scaling?

Tooth scaling is a simple and the most commonly taken dental treatment. Regular scaling and cleaning will help keep the teeth away from damage or decay. Our eating habits and dental care we take every day to ensure the lesser need for such treatments.     Most of the essential dental treatments are prescribed to clean What is Tooth Scaling?

Dental Myths Debunked

Dental health is extremely important and it plays a huge role in the maintenance of the overall well-being of the human body. The problems that arise in the mouth can be indicators of another problem in the body.     Dental problems and concerns have increased in recent times owing to our various food habits, dental Dental Myths Debunked