1 July 2021


The Internet these days has answers to most of our questions. People look for home remedies for minor ailments on the Internet and find relief from the pain. It’s good to be aware of one’s body conditions, learn about hygiene and treat minor day-to-day health issues at home. But there are a few conditions that require you to visit a professional healthcare practitioner. A few symptoms cannot be treated at home, and doing so can spoil your health. Here we share a few dental symptoms for which you must visit a dentist or dental care.   



Toothache is one of the common symptoms people face, and deploy home remedies to cure it. But do you the exact reason for your tooth pain? Toothache has several underlying reasons like cavities, teeth sensitivity, tooth decay, dental fracture, broken fillings, grinding teeth, gum diseases, etc. Without proper analysis of the root cause of your toothache, if you keep trying unrelated remedies, your toothache will worsen and affect the neighboring teeth as well. 

Whenever you experience a toothache, visit the dentist who will perform a dental checkup, assess your dental health and track the root cause for the ache. The treatment prescribed by them will not only save your tooth but also save your time and efforts. However, if there’s an emergency, you can try some simple home remedy like saltwater rinse, applying a cold compress or clove oil to reduce the pain until you reach the dentist. But keep in mind that these are temporary measures, and ultimate treatment would be done at the dental clinic.  



Sometimes when you brush your teeth, your gums begin to bleed. Gums turn dark red and also get swollen, indicating the presence of plaque and bacteria. Inflammation of gums is usually due to the plaque formation caused by improper oral hygiene like skipping brushing and flossing of teeth. Smoking, lack of calcium and nutrition weaken the gums and lead to bleeding of gums. Any of these gums-related symptoms require a dental visit lest it can further lead to Periodontitis gum disease.   



Due to stress or anxiety, people grind their teeth even when in sleep without their consciousness. The grinding of teeth harshly strikes the upper teeth against the lower set of teeth that chips the enamel of the teeth. Grinding of teeth leads to jaw pain and headache as well. If you experience frequent headache and jaw pain while waking up in the morning, it is good to visit the dentist and get the Bruxism treated with mouth guards or other procedures.  



Many people feel discomfort while eating/drinking hot and cold foods/drinks. This refrains them from enjoying their favorite foods owing to the sudden pain in their teeth. Teeth sensitivity is the cause for this sudden flash of pain while consuming hot/cold, hard/soft foods. When harmful acids released by bacteria erode the enamel, cavities form that expose the inner tissues of the teeth to the acids. Whatever foods you consume travel to the roots of your teeth, causing teeth sensitivity. Visit the dental clinic for teeth sensitivity to be corrected. 



When your teeth chips and breaks due to a fracture or an accident, the enamel gets damaged along with the jaw suffering a blow too. Visit a dentist at the earliest to find if there are any internal damages and also correct your chipped teeth. Chipped teeth otherwise keep hurting the tongue and inner side of the mouth.  



Do you know regular dental check-up can prevent maximum dental defects and oral infections? When you go for a dental checkup routine, the dental practitioner examines your dental health thoroughly to get for any irregularities, tartar or dental disorders. Dental cleaning is performed to clear away the plaque and tartar to prevent gum diseases and cavities. They also suggest the dental routine to be followed and the necessary foods to be taken.  


Visiting a dentist during the initial stages of dental defects or toothache can prevent maximum infections and preserve your natural teeth. Along with your dental health, it also saves your time, money and efforts. If you experience any irregular symptom or it’s time for your regular dental check-up, visit our dental clinic, The Elite Dental Care in Tracy, California. Elite Dental Care is one of the best dental cares in California, providing painless dental treatments and cosmetic dentistry procedures.